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Thread: photographers?

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    Default photographers?

    If you are a an expert or amateur alike, we want your band photos from any shows you have been to in the last year or so... the more recent the better of course..

    we will put them in a nice gallery on Audiojunkies too..


    So if you have any gig photos that you took yourself and you think they're good enough to display in the AJ gallery, you can email them to

    along with:

    * name of band
    * date and location (town & venue) of the gig
    * your full name, or whatever name you want to be credited with


    * Please resize your photos down to 800px maximum. There's no need to keep them up in press quality, they're for web viewing only. (if someone wants to use them for some kinda print they should contact us/you anyway). Also, it's easier to mail them that way.
    * Please don't send photos taken with mobile phones or disposable cameras, and generaly photos so blurry or so far from the stage that you can't make out which band it is. They don't need to be fully professional art photography, but some level of recognizable quality is desired.


    thank you! -
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    Default Re: photographers?

    do you need to post in every forum?

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