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Thread: Desert Sun article about I'm From Barcelona

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    Wink Desert Sun article about I'm From Barcelona

    Coachella artist preview: I'm From Barcelona

    Maggie Downs April 10, 2008

    I'm From Barcelona

    Back story: Hands down, this is the best 29-piece Swedish rock band you'll ever see.

    The sound: With clarinets, saxophones, kazoos, banjos, guitars, drums and more, it's more than a little eclectic. The sound is a cross between a joyful church choir and a wacky school band.

    If you like I'm From Barcelona, you'll like: Fun bands like Of Montreal, Electric Soft Parade, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

    Download: "We're From Barcelona," "Collection of Stamps" or "Britney," a bouncy song about the pop singer,

    See them on stage: Sunday, April 27.
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    You shouldn't feel uncool for not going to EDC, you should feel uncool because you are uncool.

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    Default Re: Desert Sun article about I'm From Barcelona

    I'm actually looking forward to seeing this band. 'Treehouse' is one of my new favorite songs

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    Fuck your formal education up for music and stop being a coward.
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    I dunno. Lots of the arguments seem hypocritical to me. Can't we leave it simply as: I loved the shit out of it, some hated the shit out of it, and that's just how some shows go?

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    Default Re: Desert Sun article about I'm From Barcelona

    I am very excited to see I'm From Barcelona. One of my MUST see acts for Sunday.
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    And it's been long established that Chris hates fun.
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    I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. It was so fun to see it through her eyes. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. The one where all the fairy tale creatures meet for the first time in Shreck's swamp.

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