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    Default Nigel Stanford.....

    Needs to come to Coachella to blow us away with this.

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    Thanks for introducing this, would be cool to see something like this go on in a full scale production
    2014 Wk1 , 2015 Wk2

    Quote Originally Posted by M0D3Z View Post
    Would really make Hell a less enjoyable place. I want to be able to see Satan as he tortures me.

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    Default Re: Nigel Stanford.....

    Hopefully it won't be windy that weekend

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    I'd rather have the blue man group

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    Quote Originally Posted by lt.roast.a.botch View Post
    I'd rather have the blue man group
    I don't understand the blue man group why don't they talk they have so much in common
    Anything is possible...

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