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Thread: VIP passes.

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    Default VIP passes.


    Does anyone know how quickly the VIP tickets sell out? Do they get released in Jan too? I've never been to Coachella before so I'm nervous about buying my tickets!

    Thanks x

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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    VIP passes go on sale the same time as GA wristbands, car camping, tent camping, hotel packages, Safari tents, shuttle passes, companion car parking passes, etc, etc, etc. And, yes, they probably will sell out shortly after GA sells out.
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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    Except hotel packages are available now.
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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    uh vip weekend 1 is sold out

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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    I believe all TENT camping sold out in the pre-sale.

    One thing about the January general on sale is that availability sometimes is hot/cold on desirable items, especially W1 stuff. Encourages people to go W2.

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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Justiceforall View Post
    uh vip weekend 1 is sold out
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    Default Re: VIP passes.

    VIP gets their tickets months ahead of everyone else. (FALSE)

    They will get the email 3 weeks before everyone else about the lineup. (FALSE)

    They are VIP ....we are not.

    Ahhhhhh the price of paying to stand in an area where anyone can go, but their wristband says lucky.

    I had artist passes for 2 years....never used anything but behind the stage area. Anything over GA is a waste of $
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