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Thread: how far is festival from long beach airport?

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    Default how far is festival from long beach airport?

    i am flying in from nyc
    and have very little knowedge of cali geography.
    is long beach a good airport to fly in to?
    is it practical???
    jet blue has great flights that are only 320 from jfk
    and they're direct!!!
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    Default Re: how far is festival from long beach airport?

    Not far. Well, it is, but to go to where Coachella is, from LBC Air, is not that bad. If you're getting a sweet one way flight from JFK to LBC, i'd do it. From LBC it is probably a 2 hour drive, I would think.

    405-91 freeways. I don't know how to get to Coachella, so maybe someone else can give you the direct rte. and time to get from LBC to Indio.

    But anyone else on this forum will agree that from LBC to Indio is not half bad, unless they live in the shitt pitts of pretty much anywhere after Yorba Linda heading to Vegas. YOU 951 909 or what ever the fuck you guys are.


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    Default Re: how far is festival from long beach airport?

    shit pits????? come on now.....
    beumont isnt that bad.....
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    Default Re: how far is festival from long beach airport?

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