With all due respect, for those of you who are complaining about tickets and prices, STOP! I am usually a very passive person, but this is beyond ridiculous. While I realize it is very expensive, when you look at it retrospectively, it's fairly priced. Considering how many different bands are playing, I say $252 is a steal. I personally had to borrow money from people to get my tickets. If you are as dedicated of a fan to the bands you're going to see, you'll find a way to get there and shut up. It's not GV's, ticketmaster's, or anybody else's fault but your own. Personally,I am grateful for the 3rd day addition and think it's much needed. I understand people have different financial circumstances, but to disrespect all the effort put into making this an unforgettable weekend, is just shameful. I realize I am a bit outspoken, I just couldn't take it anymore.