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    15 passenger van to more specific, like the one half the Coachella bands tour in. We're not exactly your average carpool, we're crazier! The van is a serious riot on wheels all the way there and back! Last year there were eight of us close friends plus, another four people off of Craigslist and we had a party from the minute we left San Jose to the minute we came back and we're doing it again. If you love meeting people and aren't afraid to be yourself in a party bus then by all means hit me up because we are all just like you, hence the reason we roll the van! The ride is long but, so much more enjoyable with a grip of people to converse with and the van's super clean with AC throughout.
    We're leaving on Wednesday afternoon towing a travel trailer with full on kitchen, bath and electrical. We'll drive half way and then camp it where ever probably off highway 5 farm road exit, turn up our music and get down and finish the drive on Thursday. Then do the same on the way back leaving Monday afternoon so we can sleep in. We're all about the laid back road trip, driving there in one day sucks. If you wanna turn Coachella into a vacation experience rather than a hurried drive to a desert concert, then we are definitely on the same page. Plus you can bring as much shit as you want, coolers, food, gear, we can store it all in the trailer until we drop you off at the campground.
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