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    3 weeks to coachella and the three-day passes haven't sold out yet. I know that means that they'll be selling tickets at the box office, but has anyone does this before? Do they end up selling out day-of-show? Is the B.O. line absolutely terrible? I'll be coming from San Diego and I just want to know if it's worth the drive, or if I probably won't get tickets.


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    its all really up in the air. If the tix sellout there probably wont be any box-office sales. If they dont there might be, but there is no guaranty of anything. The box-office line hasnt been too crazy from what I have witnessed, a good rule of thumb is to get there early like prior to 10 am.

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    In 2006, if I'm not mistaken they said that tickets were sold out. I got pretty drunk on the beer garden on the campground, and well to make the story short I ended up loosing both my and my partner's tickets. I notice I had lost them until the next day when I woke up; I venture into the box office around 9 am and got tickets for the festival. So I guess that they reserve a certain amount of tickets for the box office but I don't really know how that works. You can try and get there early in the morning and find out.
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    I've been to Coachella every year except the 1st year and 2006, and I have ALWAYS been able to buy tickets at the B.O. on the day of show. Even on days when they claimed it was sold out. What I found out last year, though, is that they still charge you for most of the fees, so there's really no benefit to waiting til the day of the show cost-wise. This year I purchased my tickets in advance--a first. I encourage you to do the same.

    Note: if you do decide to buy tix at the B.O., the ticket booths for sales are located past the Will Call booths. I say this because last year the Will Call lines were backed up and a lot of people wasted time standing in those lines who were there to buy tickets.

    Good luck.

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    i walk right up every year and buy mine. NO PROBLUM MON!

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    thanks for all the great advice / reassurance! i hope you all have a great time at the show.

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