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Thread: The Best Albums of 07 so far...

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    Default Re: The Best Albums of 07 so far...

    In no particular order
    Jarvis Cocker-Jarvis

    Of Montreal-Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer? (also just saw them live in Hollywood & it was fantastic!)

    Arcade Fire-Neon Bible

    THe Good, THe Bad & The Queen

    many others I'm anticipating, but have lately gotten out of the habit of downloading.....I'm a sucker for the experience of physically acquiring an album...and listening to it while checking out album art etc........something anticlimactic about digital files to me

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    Default Re: The Best Albums of 07 so far...

    Allow me to say the following without knowing if I actually have a final version of Neon Bible:

    1. Neon Bible is missing the kind of energetic songs that Funeral had like Neighboorhood #3, Wake Up, Haiti and Rebellion
    2. The Arcade Fire needs to leave production up to whoever did Funeral. This album, FROM WHAT I'VE HEARD, sounds a lot more like the EP and it kinda takes down the quality of the album as a whole for me.

    it's not a bad album...i was just expecting better

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