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Thread: The Belasco Theater

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    Angry The Belasco Theater

    Whats everyone's thoughts on this venue? is it new? I've been noticing A LOT of talent and tours stopping through the Belasco lately, and I have only heard of it since recently.. I finally went there last week for the first time.

    I don't think I will ever return to that theater again. The line to get in was a shit show. Very unorganized. and I have never encountered such shitty security in my life. not to mention water was $4 a bottle.
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    Default Re: The Belasco Theater

    It's an old theater that was renovated a few years ago and is mostly used as dance club. Staff and security depend on promotors and certainly the type of show. I do not believe they have actual house staff - it's just a rental space.
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    Default Re: The Belasco Theater

    Was A+ for Tame Impala.. love the outdoor areas too.

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    Default Re: The Belasco Theater

    Having carpet on the dancefloor is kinda gross other than that just a more truncated version of the Mayan next door.
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