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NWA were wrong
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Thread: NWA were wrong

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    Default NWA were wrong

    "The first time I heard the new single off the Bravery album, I actually cried, and I do not even remember the name of that damn song. It reminded me of this girl I am in love with." - kroqken

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    Default Re: NWA were wrong

    did the writer of that article say "popped two caps"? what a fucking joke.

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    Default Re: NWA were wrong

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    Default Re: NWA were wrong

    "and in so doing"?

    What a way to trip up your sentence.
    Quote Originally Posted by canexplain View Post
    I try to be politically pc more than most here: As a dude, anyone who could put a shark up a gals pc body, is pretty creepy, different and interesting. Just saying big time ..... cr****

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    Default Re: NWA were wrong

    don't make me act a motherfucking fool

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    Default Re: NWA were wrong

    that's when i reach for my revolver...
    that's when it all gets blown away...

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