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Thread: Real Tickets?

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    Default Real Tickets?

    Anyway to tell if a ticket is real or not? Debating to buy some tickets from someone on Craigslist. Don't want to travel half the US to sit outside the gates of the festival. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    buyer beware, you won't know until they scan it at the venue.
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    Default Re: Real Tickets?

    just buy a 3 day pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    buyer beware, you won't know until they scan it at the venue.
    Plus, if you buy a PDF copy of the ticket (TicketFast) from someone on Craigslist, and they arrive before you WITH THE SAME print out, it will show that the ticket has already been scanned - and you'll be SOL.

    Good luck trying to find the guy inside.
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    Yes,another thing to thank TicketMaster for.Charging $2.50 for e-mailing something that makes the counterfeiting of tickets ridiculously simple.Someone on e-bay could sell 50(or500) copies of the same PDF.
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