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Thread: ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

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    Default ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

    i saw m.i.a. and pase rock live, and rye rye and amanda blank were there, and DAMN is rye rye amazing live. she wasnt schedueled on the lineup either and it seems most shows m.i.a. does rye rye is there , and ones that spank / pase rock do amanda blank is there. anyone know if they'll be there for sure? i would loovoe to see them again.

    for anyone that doesnt know who they;
    rye rye:
    amanda blank:

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    Default Re: ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

    amanda blank is hilarious...

    and hot

    and soooo skanky...

    rye rye has some skills, but her voice can be annoying if you arent at least a little high...
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    Wink Re: ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

    rye Rye was awesome and she is fucking dope. Apparently a backup or something for MIA....Think she will be there with her.....Just saw her on the MSTRKRFT Tour.... Nice thread, nonone knows who she is apparently....
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    Default Re: ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

    rye rye is featured in all MIA's current shows.........
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    Default Re: ryyeee ryee & amanda blankk?

    I've seen Spank Rock without Amanda Blank, so I don't think it's necessarily a given that she'd play with them, although I really wish she would.

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