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Thread: Selling two camping passes.

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    Default Selling two camping passes.

    This isn't the first time I've done this with Coachella, so you'd think I would learn from my mistakes. But alas.

    I bought camping passes before I was going to buy tickets to the festival. But now it turns out Bonnaroo and P-Fork are going to have the bands I want to see already, the decision has been made to not drive 4,000 miles round-trip to California.

    Long story short, two camping passes, face value ($55.00 each).

    E-mail me at and we'll go from there.

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    Default Re: Selling two camping passes.

    Still have 'em both to sell if anyone's interested.

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    Default Re: Selling two camping passes.

    Is it vehicle or tent camping pass?

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    Default Re: Selling two camping passes.

    Quote Originally Posted by lcano10 View Post
    Is it vehicle or tent camping pass?
    Dude, check the date - this is from 2008.

    (resists urge to say '2000 and late')
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    Default Re: Selling two camping passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
    How can some1 still 100 dollars from a broke single mom!!!!! WTF!! People r so getto!! I wouldint do that to some1 I hate

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    Default Re: Selling two camping passes.

    Let's forget the 2008 part and pretend it's a 2013 post.

    Regardless anyone with at least a squirrel brain knows you can't buy a camping pass off of someone as they are non-transferable. Doesn't work like that anymore durr, ask the squirrels
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