They're an electro-funk band, fucking amazing live act. They draw decent crowds in Canada, but I don't know how much exposure they have gotten in the US. I went to their CD release a few months ago and it was very easily one of the best shows, if not the best show I saw last year.

Their opening act, The Hummers, started at about 9:30. Both Moses Mayes and The Hummers have DJs and for that night they just used the same turntables and whatnot, so after the Hummers were done, their DJ did his thing while the band took their equipment down. Once they were done, the DJ for Moses Mays took over on the turntables mid song completely seamlessly and the rest of the band set up. When they were ready they started jamming along with the DJ for a bit then transitioned, absolutely seamlessly again, into the opening track from their first CD. The show ended a little after 2. One of the most impressive shows I've seen anyone put on.