Festivals, concerts, local gigs, pub sets, whatever. Whate are the 5 best performances you've seen a band give?

1) [spunge] - Seen them 4 times now and every time they've put such a great amount of energy into their set. Their music is so happy and upbeat it's nigh-on impossible not to get into it. Came out of their last gig dripping with sweat... nice.

2) Foo Fighters - Saw them at Leeds '05. The whole set was brilliant, but what made it for me was Dave Grohl's solo acoustic performance of Everlong. Simply put, it was beautiful.

3) Children of Bodom - London Astoria last January. In my opinion, Alexi Laiho is one of the best guitarists I've seen (along with Morello and Herman Lee) and I was soo excited when he came out and beasted out some breathtaking fretwork.

4) GreenDay - They were my original "Favourite band in the world ever!" when I was 14, and headlined the first festival I went to. I've seen them twice sinse, and regardless of your opinion on their integrity (with regards to American Idiot), if you've seen them live, then you'll know that Billy-Joe has a great talent at working the crowd (even if they are now 13yr old girls who "hate Bush... 'cus he's uuurr just a dick ain't he?").

5) Lostprophets - Leeds '04. I was so into them at the time that their set just blew me away from start to finish. The pit was pretty insane, despite them not being a heavy band. Such a shame about their most recent musical direction.

Not as an eclectic collection of performances that I'm sure will be mentioned by some on this forum, but hey, each to their own.