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    Default Sat band reviews


    OMG Can’t Wait

    Portishead – trip hop represent’n, been gone a while, never saw so can’t wait, seductive and haunted Sour Times is probably their best known

    Death Cab for Cutie, love Plans and Transatlanticism, bit of early stuff, heard early stuff is awesome too. (Postal service is a more electronic side project of Death Cab)

    Sasha & John Digweed – Northern Exposure is classic techno – Digweed - Digweed - Sasha – and absolutely nothing to do with them but damn go Gabriel n Dresden remix, just saw while browsing

    2nd group – Really like to catch

    Spiritualized – if definitely on Sat. They would make a great sunset band for Sat. If no conflicts with above 3, I’m down.

    Cold War Kids – indie band out of Fullerton (above Mulberry bar, dang I didn’t know that, I’ve drank and Karaoke’d there a bunch of times) loving this song

    Flogging Molly - Pogues esq, awesome, a ton of fun, Irish Punk, gotta love it. I might miss if conflicts, as it’s about the only band on the bill I’ve seen a bunch o times’. definitely more fun than is legal seeing this band, the crowd will go nuts, get off your ass and dance, mosh, skank, whateva but be cool to other festival go’ers – sorry bout the movie stuff, hard to find good quality version or not someone cleaning room and uploading with this song

    MGMT – fun electronic indie, expansive and trippy at times really loving the 1st link if they have a lot of songs like this I’d be pretty happy seeing em’ live, the song is getting some radio exposure

    Boys Noize - DJ Alexander Ridha, this could be off the hook in the tent (I need to pick up Oi Oi Oi) live, not best quality but picturing Sahara, off the hook – live again, tent bit of Underworld for ya

    Cinematic Orchestra – electronic jazz downtempo type group, chill, Burnout is a neat track. – just audio, great song thou, very downtempo lounge

    Dredg – progressive/alternative band, looking forward to them just from the board and links penguins are cool’ Bug Eyes live, song getting some play, penguin again, I dig it.

    Kavinsky – DJ and SebastiAn – DJ – Some online said Kavinsky isn’t so good DJ’n only producing and/or together there not as good as individually, still – live, sick, love this one, not sure how into a lot of the crowd is but I liked it. If set sounds like this clip, I must be in the tent for the set – Sebastian and Kavinsky both audio only – Sebastian and Kavinsky both, crowd noise

    Rilo Kiley – straight ahead Indie rock, didn’t know I’d heard her songs before, until doing research, coo’

    Kraftwerk, legendary, historic, influencial electronic live performance stuff, might we see this type o’ display ?

    3rd group, want to see if able

    Yoav, on his my space says ‘Beck meets Buckley meets Bjork’. To me like Damien Rice meets Ravi Shankar. funky kinda dig it Club Thing, coo’ – ok I’ve got a thing for Pixies covers

    St. Vincent – just her with guitar and mic. mellow singer, from last FM – ‘Signed to Beggars Banquet, St. Vincent is the band of singer-guitarist-composer Annie Clark. Hailed by the Boston Globe as an "adorably spunky guitar prodigy," 25 year-old Annie has been building a buzz opening… a member of Polyphonic Spree. Crazy talented guitarist Marry Me at a KCRW thingy Your Lips Are Red with a band in this clip

    Cafe Tacuba, grammy winning Latin band, pretty big – I dig this one

    M.I.A. – interesting Dance Hall, electro fusion. Singer Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam British of Sri Lankin origin. “I got more records than the KGB”. Seems pretty fun and upbeat. Paper Planes song getting Indie 103.1 play lately, pretty addictive

    120 Days – reminds me of Kasabian and reminds me a bit of Brit Pop but actually from Norway. Norway representing Sat

    Hot Chip - blowing up on the message boards, kinda dorky Electronic dance, spacey mellow and unique. People really down for the Hot Chip. Indie 103.1 is really playing em a lot lately.

    Animal Collective – blowing up on the boards, experimental psych rock music that makes Sonic Youth seem inside the box, not sure I totally get, or what substances are appropriate for them. Bad stomach grinding acid perhaps for the 2nd link and 3rd. the first track Fireworks is kicking my butt, diggin’ it – Fireworks neat song, lyrics next to vid, more accessible than some, but afraid of the other tracks. “They make me feel that I'm only all I see sometimes” “That sacred night where we watched the fireworks”

    Erol Alkan – techno, folks digging on Coachella message boards gotta have techno folks clip from Creamfields

    Jamie T – Brit, according to wiki an award winning musician and similar to Artic Monkeys

    4th group, won’t catch but wouldn’t mind

    Carbon/Silicon, group of Mick Jones (the Clash, Big Audio dynamite), Tony James, can definitely hear Clash echoes. Links and few others I heard sounded a bit disappointing thou. I should move em’ to 3rd group out of respect.

    Junkie XL - DJ – from a game, just audio – live, coldplay remix - live

    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Pavement singer, people appreciate his song writing, I should put him higher so message board folks don’t pimp slap me

    VHS or Beta, - retro rock, 3rd link reminds me a bit of early (17 Seconds type) Robert Smith

    Institubes Paris Terror Club w/Surkin, Para One, Orgasmic – recommended on message boards – remixing Daft Punk, good fit for Coachella fans

    Dwight Yoakam – country singer from way back, cool he’s at Coachella, don’t think I’ll be able to see though with likely conflicts. I Want You to Want Me cover, had to put this or Suspicious Minds cover on, those are the rules

    James Zabiela – DJ, supposed to have really awesome technical skillz, might be lost on me thou this from Kiev, raving in Ukraine, nice

    Calvin Harris – ‘at my front door, into my house song’ -

    The Bird and the Bee – dour, melancholic anachronistic easy listening, elevator ride into hell feel. Kinda good for pre-Portisheading thou getting some exposure

    Yelle – French singer, electro-pop, might be fun to dance too really, maybe they’ll have lessons – guy pumping his shoes up before dancing is classic.

    Islands – light indie pop, guessing folks that saw Vampire Weekend might check out

    DeVotchKa – reminds me of David Byrne

    Mark Ronson, seemed to have a lot of covers and songs with guest vocalists, had trouble discerning what he might be like at Coachella. May be more known as producer. He produced Amy Winehouse, DJ’s, lots of widely varying opinions on the message boards (not touching this debate with 10’ pole). Radiohead cover Smiths cover, couldn’t find Pixies

    New Young Pony Club – bubble pop, new wave inspired, 80’s vibe. According to Last FM mini bio, inspired by LCD Sound System. Electro is representing all over on Saturday. live

    Uffie. – multinational, paris based 20 yr old, electro or nu-skool rap. Bubble gum rap ? Her boy friend DJ’s while she raps. I really should put her higher as she is fun and interesting. Hard to take young jet setting sweet voiced accented girl laboring to affect the language and attitude of gangster rap, seriously thou. Your rhymes are fresh and ya got a glock and popped, ya want to fuck, really… Imitating the attitude, language and style of hip hop through a foreign prism and reassembling the pieces, where it has lost any meaning or authenticity but are merely musical building blocks. Still it’s a fun reflection of the original source material. It’s like Hermione of Harry Potter is gonna hit the pipe and car jack someone. live – mix of Uffie songs – she’s not big on internet criticism, and wants to say she has fired a Glock at people interview

    Grand Ole Party – lead singer drumming, educational for me, talented with lead singer drummin’, wouldn’t ya know it

    Little Brother – hip hop, like the ‘too the window, to the wall, skeet skeet’ Lil Jon rap reference in one of the songs

    Enter Shikari – Tool fans need to go somewhere. I think i'm a bit old for them, surprised there not just at festivals with My Chemical Romance and such. Bigger in UK, posthardcore, trancecoreor (trance and hardcore metal), sceamo perhaps. Definitely a mosh pit, maybe fires at Reading Fest, nice, fact they played the festival saving them from the bottom group like this more than previous two, DNB, kinda trippy
    original flavor Shakira ? or the new caffinated version ?

    The Suck group

    Scars on Broadway – Daron Malakian, guitar player of System of a Down, in band, hard to find, will be a surprise, I’m not so into System of a Down, which is presumably greater than sum of it’s parts, so saying no to a ‘part’ side project. If fan of SOAD or a choad, check it out.

    Turbonegro - Marilyn Manson of Norway. Norway representing on Saturday. Costumes like the Village People, a sailor, and german officer, and an Alice Cooper singer. 3rd link is a bit Ramones sounding. Hope their not racist. Why did a band have to come from so far to suck, don’t we have enough bands that suck that we have to import them ? Very this is Spinal Tap. Chant for Berserker – live Berserker

    Electric Touch, Come Together cover

    Man Man – like the enthusiasm and kooky carnival type feel of some Ozomotli or Boingo, yeah me too, sigh

    Akron/Family – name sounds like a cult. Folk Rock with jams, might be good, not my cup of tea, let’s go watch someone else do a sound check or find robots or trash can art, where’s Leonard Cohen

    Bonde Do Role – latin, do the ‘hey oh’ song…, am I getting my head shook, whistle blown and shot of Tequila at a club in Tijuana ? no ? then why is this music on ?

    The Teenagers – French light pop band lyric “I fucked my American cunt”, k, good. Battles with Yo ! Majesty for worst on the bill Saturday.

    Yo! Majesty - k, went to the “Lil Kim’ and Peaches School for Young Ladies”. Note: Yo! Majesty might get in fights with audience members or naked. They will try to find me for writing this to burn me with a crack pipe. – delicate like porcelain – one of them has her shirt off, mmmmmm kay – um not trying to find these or anything but shirt off again

    Just impressions of various bands, i'm sure there way off, shallow, poorly thought out and the like. Haven't seen most of the bands live so, take it for what its worth. Anyways, everyone doing their own research and has different taste, but thought i'd post. (Ducks from incoming flames)

    edit: moved Kraftwerk from 3rd to 2nd group
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