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Thread: coachella lineup posters: 2004 & 2005

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    Default Re: coachella lineup posters: 2004 & 2005

    I want to have all the posters displayed as you enter my house in a similar fashion of how they are displayed at coachella.

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    Default Re: coachella lineup posters: 2004 & 2005

    On palm trees? Awesome!!!

    I want the poster with just the Prince symbol. Who can make that happen?

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    Default Re: coachella lineup posters: 2004 & 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcadeParade View Post
    I have some extra posters too if anyone needs: 99, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06
    ^Just ordered 2003,2004,2007,2009 through the site. If I get blue balled on the 2004 one again, I might take you up on your offer, assuming you still have one. That year is the most important one to me. I didn't even go to any of the other years that I bought - how sad is that? Now I'm thinking it would be cool to have posters for every year. heh.

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