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Thread: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

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    Default Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME



    The Last Dance Weekend therefore is a celebration of the past 23 years featuring all the major club nights and DJs who have made a significant impact on the club and the people of Turnmills. To go out with a bang and Turnmills needed an extended break like the Easter weekend in order to put on three very special show-stopping finale, which in their own way would reflect the varying music policies and concepts to the club, whilst giving the old place the perfect send off it richly deserves.

    And now, without further ado, we officially announce the three final club nights on the Turnmills calendar as we present The Last Dance...

    9pm – close

    Room 1:
    Judge Jules
    Tall Paul
    Seb Fontaine
    Sister Bliss
    Steve Lee
    Gavyn Mytchel
    Alex Anderson

    Room 2:
    Hosted by Joy
    Brandon Block
    Alex P
    Lisa Loud
    Daniele Davoli
    Tania von Pear

    Room 3:
    Yves de Reuyter
    Corvin Dalek
    John Askew
    Red Jerry
    Darren Christian
    The Viceroy

    9pm – close

    Room 1:
    The Chemical Brothers
    Fatboy Slim
    Justin Robertson
    James Holroyd
    Nathan Detroit
    Sean Rowley
    Robin, Nick, Martin & Jeff (Heavenly Records)

    Room 2:
    Dan Kahuna & Jon Kahuna
    Anil Chawla
    John Kennedy (XFM)
    Streetlife DJs
    Audio Jackers

    Hosted by Together All-Stars
    Paul Stix / Kelly Rush
    Ed Coward / Nikolas Esselle
    Carson Gardiner
    Dave Earnshaw

    9pm – close

    Room 1:
    Frankie Knuckles
    Danny Rampling
    CJ Mackintosh
    Ricky Morrison
    Danny Newman

    Room 2:
    Ashley Beedle
    Terry Farley
    Pete Heller

    Special Guests TBA

    I’m sure you’ll agree that the three line-ups Turnmills have put together are suitably LARGE for this fairytale ending!! So, the action begins on Good Friday 21st March as Turnmills’ long-serving weekly club - The Gallery welcomes 18 veterans of the floor to say goodbye in style after nearly 13 years at the helm and over 650 parties. The main room is filled by residents past and present as Judge Jules, Tall Paul, Seb Fontaine, Sister Bliss, Steve Lee, Gavyn Mytchel and Alex Anderson have the honour of taking the controls on the last night. Backroom fave Joy takes over the infamous T2, with old friends Brandon Block, Alex P, Lisa Loud, Daniele Davoli and Tania von Pear letting rip in the intimate space. Over in T3, The Gallery traditions continue as international guests Yves de Reuyter and Corvin Dalek jet in for the occasion joining former residents Red Jerry and Darren Christian, alongside current ressies John Askew and The Viceroy. Look out for a very special announcement coming soon from Gallery HQ as we reveal the new London home for The Gallery - launching on Friday 25th April. Mmmm...

    The following night, Saturday 22nd March sees the electronic power of Turnmills’ flagship Saturday night event Together take over proceedings... and boy have we got something special in store for you. Together combines forces with Turnmills’ eclectic predecessors The Heavenly and Headstart to deliver arguably the biggest club line-up of 2008. Step forward The Chemical Brothers, former residents every week for 4 years from The Heavenly days and Fatboy Slim – the DJ magician and Turnmills legend. These two UK dance music giants couldn’t resist one final flirt with the Turnmills faithful and we’re honoured to have them involved in this epic occasion. Joining them will be Mr Together (and 5 year resident) Justin Robertson, plus old friends James Holroyd, Nathan Detroit and Guilty Pleasures’ Sean Rowley, plus Heavenly crew Robin, Nick, Martin & Jeff. T2 welcomes the current crop of Together residents in Anil Chawla, Streetlife DJs and John Kennedy (XFM), alongside Headstart bods Jon & Dan Kahuna, plus Together regular Audio Jackers. The (infamous) Together All-Stars mix up party bangers upstairs in the Topfloor featuring all the Turnmills gang – Paul Stix, Ed Coward, Nikolas Esselle, Carson Gardiner and Kelly Rush.

    The third and FINAL EVENT EVER at Turnmills will pick up the pace on Easter Sunday 23rd March, as Turnmills opens its doors for the Last Dance. The good ship Turnmills will be setting sail for one final dancefloor adventure and this closing party will focus on our former house sessions in the shape of London Calling, Metrogroove and City Loud. The residents from those unforgettable events – Danny Rampling and CJ Mackintosh will both be getting their groove on, around a very special headline set from one of Turnmills’ closest friends – Frankie Knuckles, who jets in especially from NYC. Support comes from Lottie, Ashley Beedle, Pete Heller, Terry Farley and Ricky Morrison... plus Turnmills MD Danny Newman will make his DJ Debut (!) as he goes back-to-back with Danny Rampling to play the last set ever at Turnmills. And then my friends, it’s time to turn off the lasers and lock the Turnmills doors forever. Goodbye old friend. You’ll always be in our hearts.
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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    Too bad Turnmills is closing. They'll find a new place soon.

    That lineup doesn't sound that awesome, though.

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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    Is it a bad thing if they only acts I know on that list are The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim?
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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    You are not missing anything great. Actually, we are almost in the same boat; I don't know most of the acts there either.

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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    what is this thing?
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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    The door staff are complete and utter cunts. But it's sad that so many clubs and bars in London are getting closed cos of re-development
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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    Orbit, what you be talking about?

    Saturday is packed with talent. Maybe I'm just more familiar with them since most of them are basically "friends and family" of the Chems.

    Justin Robertson =

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    Default Re: Turnmills Closing... Final Weekend Lineup AWESOME

    I was talking more about that Room 1 on friday. It kinda stopped me of keep reading the rest of the lineup.

    But yeah, saturday is not bad. It's been a while since last time I saw FC Kahuna in a lineup.
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