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Thread: Santa Monica/LAX to Coachella

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    Default Santa Monica/LAX to Coachella

    I have room for two, and some gear in my Jeep Cherokee.
    I'm leaving Friday evening at 7:30ish, and will be returning after the final show Sunday (or balls early Monday, depending on how things go).
    I'm departing from Santa Monica, but could possibly accomodate someone located anywhere between LAX and Santa Monica.

    Chip in for gas, bring some good music and a good vibe.

    Featured music for the ride will include Digitalism, LCD Soundsystem, Stars, Pela and Chemical Brothers.

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    Default Re: Santa Monica/LAX to Coachella

    Bring some lotion and a basket

    [it's a joke!!!]
    "Well, that's just like, you know... your opinion, man"

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