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Thread: How much $ are you spending for coachella 08

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    Default How much $ are you spending for coachella 08

    this festival costs me way too much. but it's more than worth it in my opinion
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    Default Re: How much $ are you spending for coachella 08

    where is the poll? ill prob bring at least 100 bucks a day...

    airfare: $420
    hotel: $450
    spending: $300-400
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    Default Re: How much $ are you spending for coachella 08

    How much was a pre-sale ticket? $288 after fees? $65 for camping that went up $10 this year for some reason? Umm...aside from that, I guess $50 on transportation, $150-200 on food, water, drugs, souvenirs, etc, and I'm sure I'll be going shopping at the last minute for stupid shit like another pair of shorts, batteries, gold bond, sunblock, etc like I do every year.

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