2000 posts with this one.

First off, cheers and thanks to all those who are fucking hilarious with wit on this board. You guys/gals never cease to amuse me.

also, thank you to algunz for a hotel room near indio. everything is working well, flight is booked, and now this lad is off to his first coachella.

lastly, thanks to menik, who designed my poster/set times display for the create a festival contest.

he's also given me permission to reveal my entry, so i'll go ahead and take advantage now that i'm out.

My festival is Pemberton. I'm kinda surprised it made it to the semi finals (and I wish I would have realized that you could have used for than 20 bands a day..ugh). Thanks to those who voted for me, glad to see you would have had a good time.

i'll end this thread with my favorite pics from the interwebz.

cheers everyone.