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Thread: Somebody Help Me Convince My Friends They Needs To See Underworld

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    Default Somebody Help Me Convince My Friends They Needs To See Underworld

    Hello all - I am in need of some assistance that I believe only this board can provide.

    My good friend Mejia, who posts on here as TheLastMejia, has decided that he will not go to Day 2 of the Ultra Music Festival because he doesn't care for Underworld and intends to sell his ticket.

    I have myself never seen Underworld but have been thoroughly convinced of their live greatness by this very board. I have seen the Daft Punk comparison go Underworld’s way many a time and Mejia and I have practically started a religion around Daft Punk’s set.

    So my point is this, he claims he doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t really know their music or likes what he’s heard of it online. I want to be able to convince him and his wife that this won’t matter and Underworld will melt their brains.

    Can anyone help me convince them of the impending awesomeness they will miss for the price of a bag of weed?
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