To lay down the backstory here...

I ordered my pass on presale day, as did my friends. Several days later, Ticketmaster called me to verify my billing address. I gave it to the gentleman over the phone, he read it back to me---everything was fine and dandy.

My friends get their tickets in the mail....But I don't. I wait. I wait some more. I call TicketBastard and they tell me to wait.

So I do.

I wait.

I check my order status online today, only to find that the douche who took down my address over the phone added THREE EXTRA DIGITS to my mailing address and had my apartment number wrong. (I live in #111, he put #231).

So, I call the goons at TicketBastard. The first woman I speak to apologizes and says she will transfer me so I can arrange for complementary UPS shipping for the replacement tickets.

I wait on hold, and Sir Grumpy picks up.

I tell him what the lady told me, and then...Blamo.

He tells me I cannot do that, that I must wait to see if someone returns the tickets to me yadda yadda yadda. I tell him that there is no way someone can return the tickets because said address doesn't exist on my street. He tells me I don't make sense and I have to wait. He says that "replacement tickets are impossible because they have a barcode."

"Wait," I say. "You have my order number, which means you have my barcode, which means you can disable the initial barcode and print me new tickets. I wouldn't be going through all this trouble if I already had my tickets in hand."

"We cannot do that. No replacement tickets can be made. They use barcodes."

"So you're telling me that because one of your phone operators fucked up my address, I won't get my tickets because you won't give me replacements when the first person I spoke to said I would be able to get new ones?"


"So you just conned me out of $300?"

"Tough luck, ma'am."

"You insolent bastard!"

I hung up the phone.

GODDAMNIT, TICKETMASTER. Go suck some hairy testicles.