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Thread: I think it's lame...

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    Default I think it's lame...

    ...that every topic that's been started regarding Bonnaroo has been deleted or closed. I realize it's a bit of a rival festival, but being halfway across the country you wouldn't think they were in such direct competition w/ each other. I understand closing topics under certain categories, but this is supposed to be miscellaneous, and we should be able to discuss the pros & cons of going to either/or... it could actually work to the benefit of Coachella to allow people to discuss different alternatives, but it seems like they know Bonnaroo's line-up has once again far surpassed Coachella's... but I don't expect this thread to last long.

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    Default Re: I think it's lame...

    She's closing duplicate threads. Look around, you'll find an open sticky thread in the music lounge that talks all about the shitty bonnaroo festival.
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    Default Re: I think it's lame...

    I think its lame when people complain about topics being closed when there are already long topics about those topics that even say new repeat topics will be deleted.

    Its also lame when people say false information. because the fact is, there is a long, OPEN, existing, interesting bonnaroo thread and it's even a STICKY TOPIC at the top of the correct forum.

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