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Thread: The official 2008 releases thread

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    Default The official 2008 releases thread

    I think this is a pretty extensive list of everything that's currently exoected to be released this year, but please add anything that's missing. Question marks (?) indicate artists that have stated they’re writing new material, but an ‘08 release is not definite, just likely:

    ¡Forward, Russia! ~ Life Processes
    (+44) ~ tba
    (Damn) This Desert Air ~ TBA [ep]
    10 Years ~ Divisions
    1997 ~ tba
    3 Doors Down ~ tba
    311 ~ tba
    36 Crazyfists ~ tba
    50 Cent ~ Before I Self Destruct
    7th Son ~ tba
    Æthenor ~ Faking Gold and Murder
    ABC ~ Traffic
    A Breach on Heaven ~ Through the Mirror (leaked)
    A Different Breed of Killer ~ tba
    A Hill To Die Upon ~ tba
    A Loss For Words ~ tba
    A Shoreline Dream ~ tba
    A Silver Mt. Zion ~ 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons (leaked)
    A Skylit Drive ~ tba?
    A Static Lullaby ~ tba
    a textbook tragedy ~ Intimidator
    A Weather ~ Cove
    A Whisper in the Noise ~ Dry Land (already out in Germany)
    A Wilhelm Scream ~ tba
    Aarni ~ Tohcoth
    Aaron jerome ~ Time To Rearrange
    Abigail Williams ~ tba
    Able Baker Fox [ex-members of Small Brown Bike, The Casket Lottery and Coalesce] ~ Voices (leaked)
    Aborted ~ tba
    AbsentStar ~ Sea Trials ~ tba
    Absu ~ Absu
    AC/DC ~ Strap it On
    Ace of Base ~ tba
    Across Five Aprils ~ Life Underwater
    Adam Green ~ Sixes & Sevens
    Adastreia - That Which Lie Within (leaked)
    Adele ~ 19
    Adolescents ~ tba?
    Aerial The Legion of Dynamic Dischord EP
    Aerosmith ~ tba
    Agalloch ~ White EP
    Aidan Moffat ~ I Can Hear Your Heart
    Aimee Mann ~ Smilers
    Ain ~ Close To Cotton
    Airbourne - Runnin' Wild (leaked)
    Alan Jackson ~ Good Time
    Alanis Morissette ~ Flavours of Entanglement
    Alastair Galbraith ~ Orb
    Albert Hammond, Jr. ~ tba
    Albinobeach ~ Albinobeach
    Alesha [ex Mis-Teeq]~ tba
    Alestorm ~ Captain Morgan's Revenge
    Alex Band [ex The Calling] ~ tba
    Ali Love ~ tba
    Alias [hip-hop] ~ tba
    Alice Cooper ~ Along Came a Spider
    Alice in Chains ~ tba
    Alina Simone ~ Everyone Calls Out to Me: Beware!
    Alive In Wild Paint [Formerly Goodbyetomorrow] ~ Ceilings
    Alkaline Trio ~ tba
    All The Way Rider ~ tba
    Alva Noto ~ Unitxt
    AM Interstate ~ Kimono Dragon
    Amanda Palmer ~ Who Killed Amanda Palmer
    Amber Pacific ~ Acoustic Ep
    Amberian Dawn ~ River of Tuoni
    Ambulance LTD ~ tba
    Ambush [Ambush!] ~ American-Monster
    Amenti ~ Under the Dying Sun (leaked)
    American Hi-Fi ~ tba
    American Me ~ 3 Songs
    American Music Club ~ The Golden Age
    Amplifier ~ tba
    Amy Winehouse ~ tba?
    Anathallo ~ tba
    Anathema ~ Paradigm Shift
    Anberlin ~ Anberlin
    Anchor & Braille [Stephen Christian of Anberlin & Aaron Marsh of Copeland] ~ tba
    And Then There Was You ~ And Then There Was You
    Andreas Kisser [of Sepultura] ~ Hubris 1 & 2
    Andrew W.K. ~ Eberwhite an EP and some other shit (various albums planned).
    Andy Yorke ~ tba
    Angel Dust ~ VII
    Ani DiFranco ~ tba
    Animal Alpha ~ You Pay for the Whole Seat, but You'll Only Need the Edge (leaked)
    Animal Collective ~ Street Flash EP
    Animal Collective ~ Water Curses
    Annie ~ tba
    Anthrax ~ tba
    Antimatter ~ tba
    Anti-Flag ~ tba
    Antony and the Johnsons ~ The Crying Light
    Apollo Sunshine ~ Mysteries of the Old Soul
    Areknamés ~ tba
    Arena ~ tba?
    Arghoslent ~ Hornets of the Pogrom
    Armor For The Broken ~ A Collision In Slow Motion
    Arsis ~ We Are the Nightmare
    Arson Anthem [Phil Anselmo of Down / Pantera, Superjoint Ritual’s Hank Williams III, Collin Yeo (bass) & EyeHateGod's Mike Williams] ~ Arson Anthem [EP] (leaked)
    Artefact ~ Ruins (leaked)
    As Tall as Lions ~ tba
    Ascension Of The Watchers ~ Numinosum
    Ashbury ~ The Things That Haunt You
    Ashes Divide [Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle] ~ tba
    Ashlee Simpson ~ Color Outside the Lines
    Asperity ~ Secrets
    Atlas Sound ~ Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel (leaked)
    Atmosphere [hip-hop] ~ When Life Gives You Lemons
    Atomizer ~ Caustic Music for the Spiritually Bankrupt
    AtomshipDown [formerly Atomship] ~ tba
    Atrocity - Werk 80 II
    Atrox ~ tba
    Attack Attack ~ tba
    Attacker ~ King of Hate
    Audrey ~ tba
    Auf der Maur ~ Out Of Our Minds
    Aura (ITA) ~ A Different View from the Same Side
    Austin Lucas ~ Putting the Hammer Down
    Autechre ~ Quaristice
    Autolux ~ tba
    Avantasia ~ The Scarecrow
    Ave Sanctorum ~ In Nomine
    Ayreon ~ 01011001 (leaked)
    浜崎あゆみ ~ Guilty
    B.G. ~ Too Hood To Be Hollywood
    Baby Blue ~ Through Innocent Eyes?
    Baby Dee ~ Safe Inside the Day (leaked)
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ~ tba
    Baja ~ Wolfhour
    Basement Jaxx ~ tba
    Bass Communion [Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree] ~ Pacific Codex
    Bat For Lashes ~ tba?
    Bauhaus ~ Going Away White (leaked)
    Baumer ~ Were It Not For You
    Behexen - My Soul For His Glory
    Be Your Own Pet ~ Get Awkward
    Beach House ~ Devotion
    Beans ~ Thorns
    Ben Kenney [of Incubus] ~ Distance and Comfort
    Ben Kweller ~ Changing Horses
    Ben Moody [ex Evanescence] ~ Can't Regret What You Don't Remember
    Benedictum - Seasons of Tragedy (leaked)
    Beneva vs. Clark Nova ~ Sombunall
    Beth Rowley ~ Little Dreamer
    Beware of Safety ~ tba
    Beyoncé ~ tba
    Beyond All Reason ~ tba?
    Big Boi [of OutKast] ~ Sir Luscious Left Foot
    Big Kuntry ~ My Turn To Eat
    Big Sleep ~ Sleep Forever
    Billy Bragg ~ Mr Love & Justice
    Billy Talent ~ 666 (live CD/DVD)
    Biomechanical ~ Cannibalised
    BIRDS OF PREY - Sulfur And Semen
    Bishop Don Magic Juan - Green Is For The Money Gold Is For The Honey's Vol.1
    Bishop Lamont ~ The Reformation
    Bizzy Bone ~ A Song for You
    Black Comedy ~ Instigator (leaked)
    Black Eyed Peas ~ The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)
    Black Kids ~ tba
    Black Mountain ~ In The Future (leaked)
    Black President ~ tba
    Black Sabbath ~ tba
    Black Stone Cherry ~ tba?
    Black Trinity ~ Bleed For Him
    Blacklisted ~ Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God....
    Blank Dogs ~ On Two Side
    Bleeding Through ~ Decleration
    Blind Melon ~ tba
    Blindside ~ tba?
    Bloc Party ~ tba?
    Blood on the Wall ~ Liferz
    Blood Red Shoes ~ Box of Secrets
    Blood Stands Still ~ Salvation Through Struggle
    Bloodhound Gang ~ tba
    Blur ~ tba?
    Bob Mould ~ District Line
    Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar ~ Go Marko Go!
    Bobby Creekwater ~ A Brilliant Mistake
    Bobby Valentino ~ Underground Love
    Boris ~ Smile
    Born Ruffians ~ Red, Yellow and Blue
    Box ~ Studio 1
    Boy Kill Boy ~ Loud and Clear
    Boy Hits Car ~ tba?
    BRAIN DRILL ~ Apocalyptic Feasting
    Brainstorm [German] ~ Downburst
    Braintax - My Last and Best Album
    Brandtson ~ Turn Me on Dead Man
    Brave ~ Monuments
    Brian 'Head' Welch [ex KoЯn]~ It's Time to See Religion Die
    Brian Tyler ~ Alien Vs Predator Requiem Soundtrack
    Brigade [UK] ~ tba
    British Sea Power ~ Do You Like Rock Music? (leaked)
    Broadcast ~ tba
    Broken Spindles ~ tba
    Bruno Pronsato ~ Why Can’t We Be Like Us
    Bryan Adams ~ 11
    Bubba Sparxxx ~ Twice On Sunday
    Building Rome ~ Second Chance (leaked)
    Bullet For My Valentine ~ Scream, Aim, Fire (leaked)
    Bun B ~ 2 Trill
    Burden of a Day ~ Blessed Be Our Ever After
    Bury Your Dead ~ tba
    Busta Rhymes ~ tba
    Byzantine ~ Oblivion Beckons (leaked)
    Cadence Weapon ~ Afterparty Babies
    Cage [hip-hop] ~ Depart From Me
    Callisto ~ tba?
    Camouflage Nights ~ Camouflage Nights
    Camping ~ Politics of Love
    Cannibal Corpse ~ tba
    Carbon Leaf ~ tba
    Case ~ tba
    Caspian ~ tba?
    Cassie ~ Connecticut Forever
    Cat Claws ~ Magic Powers
    Cat Power ~ Jukebox
    Cats And Cats And Cats ~ tba
    Cattle Decapitation ~ tba
    Cecilia::Eyes/cecilia eyes ~ Mountain tops are sometimes closer to the moon (already out digitally)
    Celebrity ~ tba [EP]
    Centinela ~ Claustofobia
    Chaka Demus & Pliers ~ Back Off The Wall
    Chaosweaver ~ tba
    Charlottefield ~ What Are Friends For
    Charon ~ tba
    Chauchat ~ Upon Thousands
    Cheri Dennis ~ In and Out of Love (retail release)
    Cherish ~ The Truth
    Children 18:3 ~ tba
    Children of Bodom ~ Blooddrunk
    Chilled C'quence ~ Dream Triggers
    Chilli [Rozonda Thomas of TLC] ~ tba
    Cholera ~ tba [EP]
    Chris Joss ~ Teraphonic Overdubs
    Chris Walla ~ Field Manual
    Christina Milian ~ tba
    Chronic Future ~ tba
    Cinematic Sunrise [Chiodos side-project] ~ tba
    Circle Jerks ~ tba?
    Circle Takes the Square ~ tba
    City and Colour [Dallas Green of Alexisonfire]~ Bring Me Your Love
    Clark [AKA Chris Clark ~ Chasing Dragons
    Classic Crime ~ tba
    Clear Frame ~ Clear Frame
    Clinic ~ Do It
    Clipse ~ tba
    Cloudscape ~ Global Drama
    Club Des Belugas – Swop (leaked)
    Cocosuma ~ We'll Drive Home Backwards
    Codes In The Clouds ~ tba
    Coffee ~ Parsifan
    Coffins ~ Buried Death
    Cold War Kids ~ tba
    Coldworker ~ Rotting Paradise
    Coldplay ~ Prospekt
    Colin MacIntyre ~ The Water
    Colin Meloy ~ [of The Decemberists] ~ Skulls, Ship, Sheep
    Collections of Colonies of Bees ~ Birds (leaked)
    Collide ~ tba
    Colour Revolt ~ tba
    Common Grave ~ tba
    Communic ~ tba
    Concrete Bullet ~ tba [EP]
    Copeland ~ tba?
    Cor Scorpii ~ Monument
    Corey Crowder ~ tba
    Cormega ~ Essense Of The Streets
    Counting Crows ~ Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings
    Course of Nature ~ Damaged
    Courtney Love [ex Hole] ~ Nobody's Daughter
    Cradle of Filth ~ tba
    Cranes ~ tba
    Crash Romeo ~ Me Against The World
    Crematory ~ Pray
    Crimson Glory ~ Metatron, Lucifer and the Divine Chaos
    Crisis in Hollywood ~ Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (leaked)
    Crown of Glory - A Deep Breath Of Life (leaked)
    cryforsilence [Cry For Silence] ~ The Glorious Dead (leaked)
    Cryptacize ~ Dig That Treasure
    Crystal Castles ~ tba
    Cue The Doves ~ tba
    Current 93 ~ tba
    Cursed ~ III: Architects of Troubled Sleep
    cursillistas ~ Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor
    Cut Copy ~ In Ghost Colours
    Cyrenic ~ The Whites of Your Lies
    Crystal Castles ~ tba
    D.R.I. . ~ tba
    D12 ~ tba
    Dameira ~ tba
    Damemas ~ Let Your Tape Rock
    Dan Deacon ~ tba
    DangerDoom ~ Dangerdoom 2?
    Daniel Bedingfield ~ tba
    Daniel Lanois ~ Here is What is
    Daniel Patrick Quinn ~ Acting the Rubber Pig
    Danity Kane ~ tba
    Danko Jones ~ Never Too Loud
    Dantalion ~ Call of the Broken Souls
    Dark Fortress ~ Eidolon
    Dark New Day ~ tba
    Dark Suns ~ Grave Human Genuine (leaked)
    Darkane ~ tba
    David Banner ~ The Greatest Story Ever Told
    David Bazan ~ tba
    David Gray ~ tba
    Daylight Dies ~ Lost to the Living
    Day without Dawn ~ Understanding Consequences
    De Novo Dahl ~ Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
    Dead & Divine ~ tba
    Dead By Sunrise [Chester Bennington of Linkin Park [formerly Snow White Tan] ~ tba
    Dead Congregation ~ Graves of Archangels
    Dead Emotions ~ Pathways to Catharsis (leaked)
    Dead Meadow ~ Old Growth (leaked)
    Dead to Fall ~ Are You Serious?
    Dear and the Headlights ~ tba
    Death Angel ~ Killing Season
    Death by Stereo ~ tba
    Death Cab for Cutie ~ Narrow Stairs
    Death For A Day ~ tba
    Decrepit Birth ~ Diminishing Between Worlds (leaked)
    Deerhunter ~ Microcastle
    Def Leppard ~ Songs from the Sparkle Lounge
    Deftones ~ Eros
    Deicide ~ Till Death do Us Part
    Dejafuse [featuring Autumn’s Nienke de Jong] ~ tba
    Del tha Funkee Homosapien ~ 11th Hour
    Delays ~ Everything's the Rush
    Deleted Scenes [ex Aberdien] ~ tba
    Demetra Sine Die ~ Council from Kaos
    Demolition ~ Relict IV (leaked)
    Destroy The Runner ~ tba
    Destroyer ~ Trouble in Dreams (leaked)
    Detektivbyrån ~ tba
    Deus Invictus ~ tba
    dEUS ~ tba
    Devin Davis ~ Old Growth
    DeVotchKa ~ A Mad and Faithful Telling
    Dido ~ tba
    Die Die Die ~ Promises Promises
    Dillinger Four ~ tba
    Dirtbag ~ Dirty Business
    Disfear ~ Live the storm
    Disillusion ~ tba?
    Dismember ~ Dismember (leaked)
    Distorted ~ tba
    Disturbed ~ Indestructible
    DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist ~ Hard Sell
    DMX ~ The Resurrection of hip-hop
    Does It Offend You, Yeah? ~ You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into
    Dokken ~ Lightning Strikes Again
    Dolly Parton ~ tba
    Doomriders [Nate Newton of Converge and JR Conners of Cave In] ~ tba
    Dornenreich ~ In Luft geritzt
    Dory Previn ~ The Art Of Dory Previn (compilation)
    Doug Hoekstra ~ Blooming Roses
    Doves ~ tba
    Down and Above ~ Hold Your Breath For The Rising Tide
    Dr. Dre ~ Detox
    Draconian ~ Turning Season (leaked)
    Dream Machine ~ tba
    Dream Theater ~ Greatest Hit [Best of Compilation]
    Dredg ~ tba
    Drive-By Truckers ~ Brighter Than Creation's Dark (leaked)
    Driving East ~ The Future Of The Free World Is Riding On This One (leaked)
    Dualesc ~ Through the Floods
    Dub Trio ~ Another Sound is Dying
    Duckman and Weasel ~ Episode 5: Return of the Apocalypse
    Duffy ~ Rockferry
    Duncan Sheik ~ tba [Covers album]
    Dustin Kensrue ~ tba
    E-40 ~ The Ball Street Journal
    Earth ~ The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (leaked)
    Ebu Gogo ~ Worlds
    Edenbridge ~ MyEarthDream
    Edison Glass ~ Time is Fiction (leaked)
    Eef Barzelay ~ Eef Barzelay
    Eels ~ Useless Trinkets: B-sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996-2006 [Compilation]
    Ef ~ I Am Responsible (leaked)
    Egypt Central ~ Egypt Central
    Eisley ~ tba?
    El Perro del Mar ~ From the Vallet to the Stars
    Elbow ~ The Seldom Seen kid
    Element Eighty ~ tba
    Elephant Man ~ Let's Get Physical
    Elevation ~ Strangelove
    Elister ~ tba?
    Elizabeth Fraser [of Cocteau Twins] ~ tba?
    Elliot Minor ~ Elliot Minor
    Ellos ~ ¿Qué fue de ellos?
    Eluveitie – Slania
    Eminem ~ King Mathers
    En Declin ~ tba
    Endarken ~ Desideratus Ut Plebis
    Endwell ~ tba
    Enfold Darkness ~ tba
    Enjoy Destroy ~ Little Dreams
    Ephel Duath ~ Ephel Duath
    Eric Avery [of Jane's Addiction]~ Help Wanted
    Eric Lau ~ New Territories
    Erykah Badu ~ The KahBa
    Estelle ~ Shine
    Eths ~ Tératologie
    Evangelicals ~ The Evening Descends (leaked)
    Evangelista ~ Hello Voyager
    Eve ~ Here I Am
    Everlast ~ Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford
    Every Avenue ~ Shh, Just Go With It
    Evil Moisture ~ Goo
    Excepter ~ Debt Dept.
    Exodus ~ The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit B
    Eyes Set to Kill ~ Reach (leaked)
    EZ3kiel ~ BattleField (leaked)
    Facing New York ~ tba?
    Fair ~ tba
    Fairyland ~ Score to a New Beginning
    Fall Out Boy ~ tba?
    Familiar Trees ~ Inner Course
    Fantômas ~ tba
    Farmers Market ~ tba
    Fat Joe ~ The Elephant in the Room
    Fatal Film ~ Thrill'r
    Fear Factory ~ tba
    Feeder ~ tba
    Fenix TX ~ tba
    Fightstar ~ tba?
    Filter ~ Anthems for the Damned
    Final Fantasy ~ Heartland
    Finch ~ tba?
    Firefox AK ~ If I Were a Melody
    Flesh ~ Worship the Soul of Disgust
    Flight of the Conchords ~ tba
    Flogging Molly ~ Float
    Flowers Forever ~ Flowers Forever
    Flowing Tears ~ tba
    Flyleaf ~ tba?
    Foals ~ Antidotes
    Fondlecorpse ~ Creaturegore
    Fonzworth Bentley ~ C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
    For The Fallen Dream ~ Changes
    Foreign Born ~ tba?
    Forever Slave ~ Tales for Bad Girls
    Forever the Sickest Kids ~ tba
    Four Letter Lie ~ tba
    Foxy Brown ~ Brooklyn's Don Diva
    Foxy Shazam! ~ Introducing (leaked)
    Fracture The Times ~ tba
    Frameshift ~ The God Delusion
    Frank Turner [ex Million Dead] ~ tba
    Franz Ferdinand ~ Not Yet
    Frequency Fall ~ Everything Now
    Frightened Rabbit ~ Midnight Organ Fight
    From First to Last ~ From First To Last
    From Monument to Masses ~ tba
    From the Jam ~ tba
    Fromuz ~ Awaluk
    Fuck Buttons ~ Street Horrrsing
    Future Of The Left ~ Curses [US]
    Gabby Villanueva ~ Mundos Diferentes
    Gallows Pole ~ IV
    Gang Loco ~ No Better Tomorrow (leaked)
    Garbage ~ tba?
    Gary Louris ~ Vagabonds
    Gary Numan ~ Engineers
    Gates Of Winter ~ Lux Aeterna (leaked)
    Gemma Hayes ~ The Hollow of the Morning
    Genghis Tron ~ Board Up The House
    George Martinez ~ tba
    Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta ~ The Ragged Garden
    Gert-Jan Prins ~ Break Before Make
    Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly ~ Searching For The Hows And Whys
    Get Set Go ~ Selling Out & Going Home
    Ghostface & MF DOOM [Ghostface & MF DOOM] ~ Swift and Changeable?
    Girl Talk ~ tba
    Girls in Hawaii ~ Plan Your Escape
    Glassjaw ~ tba
    Glorytellers ~ Glorytellers
    Goldie Lookin' Chain ~ Welcome To Haterville
    Gnarls Barkely ~ Atlantis
    God Is an Astronaut ~ tba
    Gojira ~ tba?
    Goldfinger ~ tba
    Goldfrapp ~ Seventh Tree (leaked)
    Goldmund ~ The Malady of Elegance
    Gonzales ~ Soft Power
    Goo Goo Dolls ~ tba
    Gorath ~ Misotheism
    GPKism ~ Sublimis
    Grand Archives ~ The Grand Archives
    Grand Buffet ~ King Vision
    Grand Ole Party ~ Humanimals (already out on iTunes)
    Green Carnation ~ The Rise and Fall of Mankind? (postponed?)
    Gregor Samsa ~ Rest
    Green Day ~ tba
    Grey Machine [Justin Broadrick & Diarmuid Dalton of Jesu, Aaron Turner of Isis, & Dave Cochrane of The Courtesy Group] ~ tba
    Grind Inc. ~ Sudden State of Hate
    Grouper ~ Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
    Growing ~ Lateral (leaked)
    Guapo ~ Elixirs
    Guillemots ~ Back to Mine
    Guilty Simpson ~ Ode to the Ghetto
    Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy?
    Gutter Twins ~ Saturnalia
    Gwen Stacy ~ tba
    Gym Class Heroes ~ Music on a CD
    H2O ~ tba
    Hadouken! ~ tba
    Haggard ~ Tales of Ithiria
    Hail Archer [ex Hopesfall] ~ tba [EP]
    Hail Of Bullets ~ tba
    HammerFall ~ Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years of Glory (Best Of)
    Hammock ~ Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
    Hate ~ Morphosis (leaked)
    Hate Eternal ~ Fury and Flames
    Have A Nice Life ~ Deathconsciousness
    Have Heart ~ tba
    Havok Unit ~ h.IV+ (leaked)
    Hawk Nelson ~ Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
    Hawksley Workman ~ Between the Beautifuls
    Hawthorne Heights ~ tba
    He Is Legend ~ tba
    Head Automatica ~ tba?
    Headlights ~ Some Racing, Some Stopping
    Hearts Under Fire ~ tba
    Heaven and Hell ~ tba
    Heaven In Her Arms ~ 黒斑の侵蝕 (leaked)
    Heavenwood ~ tba
    Hellhammer ~ Demon Entrails [Compilation]
    Hello, Blue Roses ~ The Portrait Is Finished and I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty...
    Hello Sequence, The ~ Keep Your Eyes Ahead
    Hello, Star Vega ~ tba
    Helmet ~ tba
    Here I Come Falling ~ Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory (leaked)
    Hey Willpower ~ P.D.A.
    Hierosonic ~ tba
    Highwire Days ~ Hell From The Eyes Up
    Hilary Duff ~ Dignity 2
    Hinterland ~ Pan Pan Medico
    Holcombe Waller ~ Into the Dark Unknown
    Hoobastank ~ tba
    Hopesfall [Albeit under a new name] ~ tba?
    HorrorPops ~ Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (leaked)
    Hot Chip ~ Made in the Dark (leaked)
    Hot Water Music ~ Til the Wheels Fall Off (b-sides compilation)
    Howlin Rain ~ Made in the Dark
    Howling Bells ~ tba
    Htrk ~ Marry Me Tonight
    Humanoid [canada] ~ Remembering Universe
    Hundred Year Storm ~ tba
    Hypnosis ~ The Synthetic Light of Hope
    Hypnosis ~ Voices Of Tranquility
    I Am Ghost ~ tba
    I Am the Avalanche ~ tba
    I Shalt Become ~ In the Falling Snow
    I WAS A CLUB SCOUT ~ I Want You to Know There Is Always Hope (leaked)
    Ice Cube ~ Raw Footage
    Iced Earth ~ Revelation Abomination (Something Wicked Part 2)
    Ida ~ Lover's Prayers (leaked)
    Idina Menzel ~ I Stand
    Idiot Pilot ~ Wolves [Retail CD release]
    Ihsahn ~ Angl
    Ikuinen Kaamos ~ Epilogue
    Ill Bill ~ The Hour of Reprisal
    Ill Niño ~ Enigma
    Immortal Technique ~ The Middle Passage
    Immortal ~ tba
    IMMUNE [FRA] ~ Not Until Morning
    Indukti ~ tba?
    In Case of Fire ~ Align the Planets
    In Flames ~ A Sense Of Purpose
    Inkwell The Biologic ~ Better Or Different
    In Reverent Fear ~ tba?
    In Vain ~ tba?
    India.Arie ~ tba
    Infectious Grooves ~ tba
    Insomnium ~ tba
    instruments of science and technology ~ Music from the Films of R/Swift
    Into Eternity ~ tba
    IntrOnaut ~ tba
    Iran ~ The Same Song Over and Over
    Island ~ Orakel
    Islands ~ tba
    Isobel Campbell ~ tba
    Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday At Devil Dirt
    Isole ~ Bliss of Solitude
    Iván Ferreiro ~ Mentiroso Mentiroso
    Ivoryline ~ There Came A Lion
    J2 [Jarboe of Swans & Justin Broadrick of Jesu] ~ tba
    J'accuse..! ~ Abbandono Del Tempo e Delle Forme
    J'envoie ~ J'Envoie [EP] (leaked)
    Ja Rule ~ The Mirror
    Jack Johnson ~ tba
    Jacks Mannequin ~ The Glass Passenger
    Jaheim - The Makings Of A Man
    James Newton Howard ~ I Am Legend
    James Pants ~ Rhythm Trax Vol. 1
    James ~ tba
    Jamie Lidell ~ tba
    Jamies Elsewhere ~ tba
    Janet Jackson ~ tba
    Jape ~ The Monkeys In The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me
    Jarboe ~ tba
    Jarius ~ A Second Tier Protest
    Jason Collett ~ Here's to Being Here
    Jason Falkner ~ I’m Okay, You’re Okay (already out in Japan)
    Jason Mraz ~ We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
    Javelina ~ tba
    Jay Sean ~ My Own Way
    Jazzkammer ~ Art Breaker
    Jeff Danna ~ Closing The Ring:
    Jeff Hanson ~ Madam Owl
    Jeniferever ~ tba
    Jessica Simpson ~ tba?
    Jesu ~ tba [EP]
    Jet Lag Gemini ~ Fire the Cannons
    Jew Hefner ~ HERGHPOWER!
    Jewel ~ Perfectly Clear
    Joan As Policewoman ~ tba
    Joe Hound ~ Misery Loves Company
    Joe Jackson ~ Rain (leaked)
    Joe Satriani ~ tba
    John Mellencamp ~ tba
    John Power [ex Cast] ~ tba
    John Zorn ~ The Dreamers
    Johnny Foreigner ~ tba
    Johnny Hollow ~ Dirty Hands
    Johnny O ~ Peace On Earth 2012
    Jon Foreman [of Switchfoot] ~ Winter
    Jon Mueller ~ Metals
    Jonathan Davis [of KoЯn] ~ Alone I Play (leaked)
    Joseph Arthur ~ Abwoon
    Judas Priest ~ Nostradamus
    Junius ~ tba
    Justus Köhncke ~ Safe and Sound
    K Through Six ~ tba
    k.d. lang ~ Watershed
    Kaddislfy ~ Horses Galloping on Sailboats?
    Kagrra, ~ Core
    Kaiser Chiefs ~ tba
    Kaizers Orchestra ~ Maskineri
    Kaki King ~ Dreaming of Revenge
    Kalmah ~ tba
    Kapital Band 1 ~ Playing by Numbers
    Karnivool ~ tba
    Kasabian ~ tba
    Kataklysm ~ Prevail
    Katatonia ~ tba
    Kate Nash ~ Made of Bricks (US Release)
    Kathleen Edwards ~ Asking for Flowers
    Katsumoto ~ Burn Em Down, Wipe Em Out
    Kaura ~ tba
    Kayo Dot ~ Blue Lambency Downward
    Keep of Kalessin ~ Kolossus
    Keith Sweat ~ Just Me
    Kelis ~ Good Stuff (best of)
    Kelley Stoltz ~ Circular Sounds
    Kelly Clarkson ~ tba
    Keri Hilson ~ In A Perfect World
    Kevin Devine ~ tba
    Khoma [formally Koma] ~ tba
    Killa Kela ~ tba
    King Crimson ~ tba?
    Kingdom of Sorrow ~ Kingdom of Sorrow (leaked)
    Kings of Leon ~ tba
    King’s X ~ Go Tell Somebody
    Kiss Kiss ~ tba
    Klashnekoff ~ tba
    Klaxons ~ tba
    Klimt 1918 ~ tba
    Klone ~ All Seeing Eye
    Knights In Paris [ex Senses Fail] ~ tba
    Kong ~ tba
    Korpiklaani ~ Korven Kuningas
    KRS-One ~ Maximum Strength
    KSounds ~ All or Nothing
    Kubichek! ~ tba?
    倖田來未 ~ Kingdom
    Kurious ~ tba
    La Fondation Phénix ~ tba
    Lacrimas Profundere ~ Songs for the Last View
    Lacuna Coil ~ tba
    Ladyhawk ~ Shots
    Ladytron ~ tba
    Lagwagon ~ tba
    Lair of the Minotaur ~ War Metal Battle Master
    Last Fast Action ~ Season Two
    Last of the Believers ~ Paper Ships Under a Burning Bridge V2
    Leaves’ Eyes ~ tba
    Lechery ~ Violator (leaked)
    Lee "Scratch" Perry ~ Repentance
    Legion of the Damned ~ Feel the Blade
    Leila ~ Blood, Looms and Blooms
    Lemuria ~ Get Better
    Lennex ~ tba
    Lenny Kravitz ~ It is time for a love Revolution
    Leo Abrahams ~ The Unrest Cure
    Less Than Jake ~ tba
    Let Go ~ tba
    Leverage ~ Blind Fire
    Liam Finn ~ Ill Be Lightning
    Light This City ~ tba
    Lightspeed Champion [Devonte Hynes ex Test Icicles] ~ Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
    Lil' Wayne ~ The Carter III
    Lili Haydn ~ Place Between Places
    Lily Allen ~ tba?
    Limp Bizkit ~ tba?
    Lindsay Lohan ~ tba
    LL Cool J ~ Todd Smith, Part 2: Back To Cool
    Load Point Pull ~ Down In Flames
    Local H ~ 12 Angry Months
    Long-view [Longview] ~ TBA
    Look What I Did ~ tba
    Lorene Drive ~ tba
    Lorna ~ Palace
    Los Campesinos! ~ Hold On Now, Youngster...
    Lostprophets ~ tba
    Louis XIV ~ Slick Dogs and Ponies
    Love in October ~ Pontus, The Devil, And Me
    Love Is All ~ Mixed Up
    Love Me Electric ~ tba
    Love Story In Blood Red ~ tba
    Lower Definition ~ tba
    Lowgold ~ Promise Lands
    Luca Turilli's Dreamquest ~ tba
    Ludacris ~ Theater of the Mind
    Ludo ~ You’re Awful, I Love You
    Lupe Fiasco ~ The Cool [UK] (already out)
    Lurker of Chalice ~ Perverse Calculus
    Lydia ~ Illuminate
    Lyrics Born ~ Everywhere at Once
    M.A.N.D.Y. ~ Fabric 38
    M83 ~ Saturdays = Youth
    Machinae Supremacy ~ (leaked)
    Made Of Hate ~ Bullet In Your Head
    Madonna ~ tba
    Madrugada ~ Madrugada
    Madvillain ~ tba
    Magenta ~ Magenta IV?
    Mahjongg ~ Kontpab
    Making April ~ tba
    Man Alive ~ Man Alive
    Man Man ~ Rabbit Habits
    Man Without Wax ~ tba
    Manes ~ Be all // End All
    Mantric [ex Extol, Lengsel]~ tba
    Marah ~ Angels of Destruction!
    Margot and the nuclear so and so's ~ Animal!
    Mariah Carey ~ The Voice
    Mark Isham ~ The Mist
    Markus Grosskopfs Bassinvaders ~ Hellbassbeaters
    Marmaduke Duke [Members of Biffy Clyro & Sucioperro] ~ Duke Pandemonium?
    Marnie Stern ~ tba
    Martina Topley-Bird ~ The Blue God
    Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains
    Massive Attack ~ Weather Underground
    Mates of State ~ tba
    Matisyahu ~ tba
    Matt Costa ~ Unfamiliar Faces
    MC Lars ~ This Gigantic Robot Kills
    McFly ~ tba?
    Medeski, Martin and Wood ~ Let's Go Everywhere
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes ~ Have Another Ball
    mewithoutYou ~ tba?
    Meg & Dia ~ tba
    Megafaun ~ Bury the Square
    Melody Thornton [of The Pussycat Dolls] ~ The Beginning
    Memphis Bleek ~ The Process
    Men, Woman & Children ~ tba
    meniscus ~ tba
    Mercenary ~ Architect Of Lies
    Meshuggah ~ obZen
    Metallica ~ tba
    Metalium – Incubus (leaked)
    Metsatöll ~ Iivakivi
    Metric ~ tba
    Me vs Hero ~ Me vs Hero [EP] (leaked)
    Mew ~ tba
    Mgła ~ Groza
    Michael Jackson ~ tba
    Midnattsol ~ tba
    Mike Doughty ~ Golden Delicious
    Mike Jones ~ The Voice of the Streets
    Mike Ladd ~ Nostalgialator
    Miles Kurosky [ex Beulah] ~ tba
    Millencolin ~ tba
    Mindless Self Indulgence ~ If
    Mínus - The Great Northern Whalekill [UK/already out]
    Misanthrope ~ IrremeDIABLE
    Misery Signals ~ tba
    Misery Speaks ~ Catalogue of Carnage (leaked)
    Miss Conduct ~ tba
    Miss Kittin ~ Batbox
    Moby ~ Last Night
    Mogwai ~ The Hawk Is Howling
    Monade ~ Monstre Cosmic
    Mono ~ tba?
    Monóceros ~ tba
    Moongarden ~ Songs from the Lighthouse
    Moonsorrow ~ Tulimyrsky EP
    Morbid Angel ~ tba
    Morcheeba ~ Dive Deep
    Morning ~ tba
    Morrissey ~ tba
    Mortiis ~ tba
    Moshradamus [Anthony Green of Circa Survive] ~ tba
    Mostly Autumn ~ tba?
    MOTHER/FATHER [Ex Scatter the Ashes] ~ tba
    Mötley Crüe ~ The Dirt (tentative title)
    Mourning After Massacre For Failure of the Spoken Word
    Mourning Beloveth ~ A Disease for the Ages
    Mouth of the Architect ~ tba
    Mr. Plow ~ Apocalypse Plow
    Mudvayne ~ tba
    Mumbles ~ Transformations / Illuminations
    Murder by Death ~ Red of Tooth and Claw
    Murs ~ Murs for President
    Muse ~ tba?
    Mustangs And Madras ~ La Lechuza
    Mute Math ~ tba
    My Awesome Compilation ~ tba
    My Bloody Valentine ~ tba
    My Brightest Diamond ~ A Thousand Shark's Teeth
    My Chemical Romance ~ tba
    myGrain ~ Signs Of Existence (leaked)
    My Morning Jacket ~ tba
    My Ruin ~ Heart Full Of Throat
    My Vitriol ~ tba?
    Mystery Jets ~ 21
    N*E*R*D ~ N*3*R*D
    Nachtmystium ~ Reign of the Malicious
    Nada Surf ~ Lucky
    Nas ~ ******
    Natasha Bedingfield ~ Pocket Full of Sunshine (leaked)
    Nathan Mahl ~ Exodus
    Nathan Walters ~ tba
    National Skyline ~ tba
    N-Dubz ~ tba
    Neko Case ~ tba
    Nelly Furtado ~ tba?
    Nelly ~ Brass Knuckles
    Neon ~ Neon
    Nerve Net Noise ~ Dark Garden
    Neuraxis ~ tba
    Nevermore ~ tba?
    New Bloods ~ The Secret Life
    New London Fire ~ tba
    Nick Cannon ~ Stages?
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ~ Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
    Nicole Scherzinger ~ Her Name Is Nicole
    Nightmare of You ~ tba
    Nina Sky ~ tba
    Nine Inch Nails ~ Year Zer0 - Part 2
    No Doubt ~ tba
    Noekk ~ The Minstel's Curse
    No kids ~ Come Into My House
    No Not Constant ~ tba
    Nosound ~ lightdark
    Nokturnal Mortum ~ The Voice of Steel
    Nonpoint ~ Vengeance [UK release]
    North ~ tba
    Norther ~ N (leaked)
    Northstar ~ Broken Parachute (leaked)
    Nortt ~ Galgenfrist
    Nucleus Torn ~ Knell
    Number One Gun ~ The North Pole Project
    Nural ~ tba
    O.S.T.R. ~ Ja tu tylko sprzątam
    Oasis ~ tba
    Obie Trice ~ Bottom's Up
    Obliterhate ~ Blessing In Disgust
    Oceana ~ tba
    Oceansize ~ tba?
    Oceans of Sadness ~ tba
    of Montreal ~ Skeletal Lamping
    Oh No Not Stereo ~ tba
    Okay ~ Huggable Dust
    Olivia the Band ~ Where We Come From It Never Snows
    Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez ~ Calibration
    On Fire ~ tba
    Once Nothing ~ First Came the Law
    one drop ~ Of Love and Ambition
    One More Grain ~ Isle of Grain
    One Night Only ~ tba
    One Republic ~ Dreaming Out Loud
    OOMPH! ~ tba
    Open Hand ~ Immer Gerade Aus
    Operator Please ~ Yes Yes Vindictive [UK/Already out]
    Opeth ~ tba
    Orchidectomy ~ A Prelate's Attrition
    Ophiolatry - Transmutation
    Orphaned Land ~ The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
    ORTEGA ~ Conversations
    Our Brother the Native ~ Make Amends, For We Are Merely Vessels
    Our Lady Peace ~ tba
    Our Last Night ~ The Ghosts Among Us (leaked)
    Ours to Alibi ~ tba?
    Ours ~ Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
    OutKast ~ Ten the Hard way?
    P.O.D. ~ When Serpents and Angels Dance
    Paavoharju ~ Laulu laakson kukista
    pacific uv ~ Longplay 2
    Paint It Black ~ New Lexicon
    Pain of Salvation ~ tba?
    Palladium ~ The Way It's Not
    Panic At The Disco [formally Panic! At the Disco] ~ Pretty. Odd.
    Papa Roach ~ tba
    The Paper Chase ~ Street politician
    Paper Rival ~ tba
    Papoose ~ The Nacirema Dream
    Paradox ~ Electrify (leaked)
    Pat Metheny ~ Day Trip
    Patrick Wolf ~ tba
    peedi peedi ~ Prince of the Roc: Roc Star
    Peggy Seeger ~ Bring Me Home
    Pela ~ Rise Ye Sunken Ships
    Pendulum ~ Pendulum
    Pennywise ~ Free for the People
    Penumbra ~ tba
    People in Planes ~ tba
    Percee P ~ Perseverance: The Remix
    Pest ~ Rest In Morbid Darkness (leaked)
    Peter Morén ~ The Last Tycoon
    Petey Pablo ~ Diary of Mine
    pg.lost ~ tba
    Phoebe Killdeer ~ Weather's Coming
    Picture Atlantic ~ tba
    Pillar ~ For the Love of the Game (leaked)
    Pineapple Thief ~ Tightly Unwound
    Pitchblend ~ The Lines of Unreason
    PJ Harvey [[collaboration with John Parish] ~ tba
    Placebo ~ tba? (late 08/early 09)
    Plague Bringer ~ Life Songs in a Land of Death
    Plan B ~ Film for the Blind
    Poison the Well ~ tba
    Polar Bear Club ~ Sometimes Things Just Disappear
    Pompeii ~ tba
    Portishead ~ tba
    Portugal. The Man ~ tba
    The Postal Service ~ tba
    Prāta vētra ~ tba
    President Evil ~ Hell in a Box (leaked)
    Primus ~ tba?
    The Prodigy ~ tba
    Profanation~ (Preparation for a Coming Darkness)
    Progress In Color ~ tba
    Promise Of Redemption ~ When The Flowers Bloom (leaked)
    Proof [of D12] ~ tba?
    Propagandhi ~ tba
    Pugwash ~ 11 Modern Antiquities
    Pulley ~ tba
    Punchline ~ tba
    Pure Reason Revolution ~ tba
    Pyramaze ~ Pyramaze
    Pyramids ~ Through The Hourglass (leaked)
    Q-Tip ~ The Renaissance
    Quantum Fantay ~ Kaleidothrope
    Queen + Paul Rodgers [Queen & Paul Rodgers of Free] ~ tba
    Queens of the Stone Age ~ tba?
    Q-Unique ~ Street Metal
    R.E.M. ~ Accelerate
    Ra Ra Riot ~ tba
    Ra ~ Black Sun
    Rachael Yamagata ~ tba
    Racine [Wendy James ex Transvision Vamp] ~ 2
    Radar Bros ~ Auditorium
    Radio 4 ~ tba?
    radio pirate dj - This Is Life, This Is Living (leaked)
    Radiohead ~ In Rainbows [US]
    Raekwon ~ Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
    Rafter ~ Sex Death Cassette
    Rage ~ Carved in Stone
    Raheem DeVaughn ~ Love Behind the Melody
    Rakim ~ The Seventh Seal
    Rammstein ~ tba
    Rancid ~ tba
    Ray Davis ~ Working Man's Café
    Raz Ohara ~ Raz Ohara and the Odd Orchestra (leaked)
    rc2 ~ Future Awaits
    Red [nu-metal]~ tba
    Red Sparowes ~ tba
    Reel People - Seven Ways To Wonder (leaked)
    Reeve Oliver ~ Touchtone Inferno
    Reggie and the Full Effect ~ She Loves Me Not?(scrapped?)
    Reism ~ tba
    Remembrance ~ Silencing the Moments
    Remy Ma ~ PunisHER?
    Remy Zero ~ tba
    Reprisal Scars ~ tba
    Reubens Accomplice ~ tba
    Revenge ~ Infiltration.Downfall.Death
    Revere ~ tba
    Reverend Organdrum ~ Hi-Fi Stereo
    Reverie Sound Revue ~ tba
    Rhymefest ~ El Che
    Rhys Chatham ~ "Guitar Trio Is My Life!" Vol. 1
    Richard Lloyd ~ Radiant Monkey
    Rick Ross ~ Trilla
    Ringfinger ~ Decimal
    Ringo Starr ~ Liverpool 8 (leaked)
    RINGS ~ Black Habit
    Rise Against ~ tba
    Rivers Cuomo ~ Alone: The Home Records of Rivers Cuomo (leaked)
    Robbie Williams ~ Let's Swing Again
    Robedoor ~ Closer to the Cliff
    Robert Pollard ~ Superman was a Rocker
    Rocket from the Crypt ~ RIP
    Roomful of Blues - Raisin A Ruckus (leaked)
    Roommate ~ We Are Enchanted
    Rose Rossi ~ Hello to You
    Rosey ~ Luckiest Girl
    Rotten Sound ~ Cycles (leaked)
    Roxy Music ~ tba
    Royce da 5'9" ~ tba
    Röyksopp ~ tba
    Royal Hunt ~ Collision Course - Paradox II
    Rubies ~ Exploding From the Center
    Russian Circles ~ Station
    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals ~ The Cardinals III/IV
    Ryan Adams ~ 20:20 (box set)
    Ryan Cabrera ~ tba
    Ryan's Hope ~ tba
    Saigon ~ The Greatest Story Never Told
    Saint Etienne ~ Boxette (compilation)
    Salt The Wound ~ Carnal Repercussions
    Sam Amidon ~ All Is Well
    Sam Phillips ~ Don't Do Anything
    Samamidon ~ All is Well
    Saosin ~ tba?
    Samantha Mumba ~ tba
    Samuel Jackson 5 ~ tba
    Sara Melson ~ Dirty Mind
    Sarah Brightman ~ Symphony
    Sarah Perrotta ~ The Well
    Sascha Funke ~ Mango
    Sanctus Real ~ tba
    Sandalinas ~ Fly to the Sun (leaked)
    Saves the Day ~ Daybreak
    Saving Litchfield ~ Actions [EP] (leaked)
    Saviours ~ Into Abandon (leaked)
    Saxon Shore ~ tba
    Say Hi to Your Mom ~ The Wishes and the Glitch
    SBB ~ The Rock
    Scar Symmetry ~ Holographic Universe
    Scarlett Johanssen - Anywhere I Lay My Head
    Scarling. ~ tba
    School of Language [David of Field Music] ~ tba
    Scott Weiland ~ tba?
    Sculptured ~ Embodiment: Collapsing Under the Weight of God
    Sean Paul ~ A New Age
    Search / Rescue ~ The Complex
    Season's End ~ tba
    Seaweed ~ Small Engine Repair
    Sebastian Grainger and The Mountains Sebastien Grainger [ex-Death From Above 1979] ~ tba
    Sébastien Tellier ~ Sexuality
    Secondhand Serenade ~ A Twist In My Story is
    Secondsmile ~ tba
    Secret & Whisper [ex Stutterfly] ~ Great White Whale
    Secret Lives of the Freemasons ~ The Weekend Warriors
    Secret Machines ~ tba
    Sennen ~ Where the Light Gets In
    Senses Fail ~ tba
    Separation Is Natural ~ tba
    Sepultura ~ tba
    Sergio Mendes ~ Encanto
    Set Your Goals ~ tba
    Settings ~ tba
    Seven Mary Three ~ day&nightdriving
    Sevendust ~ The 7th Chapter
    Seven Wiser ~ Stronger
    Shade Empire ~ Zero Nexus
    Shakira ~ tba?
    Shapeshifters ~ Do Not Disturb
    She Said Destroy ~ This City Speaks in Tongues
    Shearwater ~ Rook
    Shelby Lynne ~ Just a Little Lovin'
    Shels ~ Plains of the Purple Buffalo
    Sheryl Crow ~ Detours
    Shenovah ~ tba
    Shirley Manson of [Garbage] ~ tba
    Shinedown ~ tba
    Shirley Bassey ~ Get the Party Started
    Shit and Shine ~ Cherry
    Shot Down Sun ~ tba?
    Shpongle ~ tba
    Sia ~ Some People Have Real Problems (leaked)
    Sick of It All ~ tba
    Sickening ~ Ignorance Supremacy (leaked)
    Silent Drive ~ tba
    Silje Nes ~ Ames Room
    Silver Jews ~ Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
    Silversun Pickups ~ tba?
    Simple Plan ~ Simple Plan
    Sincere ~ Now or Never
    Sinch ~ tba?
    Siobhan Donaghy ~ ??? (Unsure if this is Ghosts re-release or a new album)
    Sjodogg ~ Landscapes of Disease and Decadence
    Skinnyman ~ tba
    Sky Eats Airplane ~ tba
    Slaves To Gravity ~ tba
    Slayer ~ tba
    Sleep Station ~ The Pride of Chester James
    Sleeping at Last ~ tba?
    Slick Rick ~ Legends Vol. 2 (rarities compilation)
    Slim Thug ~ Boss of all Bosses
    Slipknot ~ tba
    Small Town Burn A Little Slower ~ So Begins the Test of Man
    Smartbomb ~ Chaos and Lawlessness
    Snoop Dogg ~ tba
    Social Distortion ~ Sex, Love And Rock 'N' Roll
    SOiL ~ tba
    Solange Knowles ~ Hadley Street Dreams
    Sólstafir ~ Köld
    Something For Someone ~ Stay It's Not Worth Moving
    Sonny Moore ~ tba
    Sons and Daughters ~ This Gift (leaked)
    Soulfly ~ tba
    Spinnerette [Brody Dalle of The Distillers’ new band] ~ tba
    Spineshank - The Best Of SpineShank
    Spitfire ~ tba
    Spiritualized ~ tba
    Staind ~ tba
    Star of Ash ~ The Thread
    Streetlights ~ tba
    Soulfly ~ tba
    Starsailor ~ tba
    Star of Ash ~ The Thread
    Stat Quo ~ Statlanta
    Static-X ~ tba
    stellastarr* ~ tba
    Stellar Kart ~ Expect the Impossible (leaked)
    Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks [Stephen Malkmus of Pavement] ~ Real Emotional Trash
    Stepsonday ~ Little Light
    Stereoflux ~ Stereoflux
    Steve Burns ~ Deep Sea Recovery Efforts
    Steve Hackett [of Genesis]~ Tribute
    Steve Smith ~ This Town
    Steven Brodsky [of Cave In] ~ tba
    Stephen O'Malley and Attila Csihar ~ 6°Fskyquake
    Stereolab ~ tba
    Stevie Wonder ~ The Gospel Inspired By Lula
    Stick To Your Guns ~ tba
    Stille Opprør ~ so2
    Storm of Light ~ And We Wept the Black Ocean Within
    Stonehigh ~ tba
    Stonerider [formerly Fight Paris] ~ Three Legs of Trouble (leaked)
    Stormwarrior ~ Heading Northe (leaked)
    Story of the Year ~ tba
    Stratovarius ~ R.... R.....
    Stray From the Path Villans
    Stream of Passion ~ tba
    Styles of Beyond ~ tba
    Subsonar [Sub Sonar]~ Cool Accident
    Substantial ~ Sacrifice
    Subtle ~ ExitingArm
    Suburban Kids With Biblical Names ~ #4 [EP]
    Sufjan Stevens ~ tba?
    Suicidal Winds ~ Chaos Rising
    Sucioperro ~ Pain Agency
    Sully Erna [of Godsmack] ~ tba
    Sun Kil Moon ~ April
    Supergrass ~ Diamond Hoo Ha
    Surrounded ~ The Nautilus Years (leaked)
    Sven Väth ~ tba
    Svetlana ~ Amethyst
    Sylosis - The Supreme Oppressor EP (leaked)
    System 7 [known as 777 in North America] ~ Phoenix
    Swan Lake ~ tba
    Sway ~ The Signature LP
    Sworn Enemy ~ Maniacal
    T.I. ~ Paper Trail
    t.A.T.u. ~ Waste Management
    Taken ~ B-sides
    Taking Back Sunday ~ tba
    Tapes 'n Tapes ~ Walk It Off
    Tapping the Vein ~ tba
    Taproot ~ tba
    Team Robespierre ~ Everything's Perfect
    Team Sleep ~ EP tba?
    Teenage Bottlerocket ~ Warning Device (leaked)
    Telescreen ~ tba?
    Testament ~ The Formation of Damnation
    Textures ~ tba
    Thao Nguyen ~ We Brave Bee Stings and All
    That Was Something ~ BEARS!
    The Academy Is... ~ tba
    The Alchemist ~ Chemical Warfare
    The Arcane Order ~ In The Wake Of Collisions (leaked)
    The Afters ~ Never Going Back to OK
    The Apex Theory [Changed name to Mt. Helium] ~ FACES (leaked - unmastered)
    The All-American Rejects ~ Remember Us?
    The American Dollar ~ tba
    The Appleseed Cast ~ tba
    The Audition ~ Champion
    The Avalanches ~ tba
    The Axis of Perdition ~ Grief of the Unclean
    The B-52's ~ Funplex
    The Ballet ~ Bear Life
    The Banner ~ tba
    The Black ~ Alongside Death
    The Black Crowes ~ Warpaint
    The Black Keys ~ tba
    The Black Mages ~ tba
    The Boxer Rebellion ~ The Boxer Rebellion
    The Breeders ~ Mountain Battles
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre ~ My Bloody Underground
    the cab ~ tba
    The Cargo Cult Revival ~ Snakecharmer
    The Cancer Conspiracy ~ Omega (leaked)
    The Cavalera Conspiracy ~ Inflikted
    The Cure ~ Raised UP
    The Constantines ~ tba
    The Courteeners ~ tba
    The Deadfly Ensemble ~ A Seed Catalog for Extinct Annuals
    The December Drive [thedecemberdrive] ~ tba
    The Dear Hunter ~ tba
    The Dirtbombs ~ We've Got You Surrounded
    The Divine Comedy ~ tba
    The Dreaming ~ Etched in Blood
    The Duke Spirit ~ Neptune
    The Early Years ~ tba?
    The Envy Corps - Dwell (leaked)
    The Evpatoria Report ~ Maar
    The Faint ~ tba
    The Famine ~ tba
    The Fairline Parkway ~ Lander's Peak
    The Fall ~ Latch Key Kid
    The Fall of Troy ~ Phantom on the Horizon
    The Fall The Rise ~ Interlopers
    The Feeling ~ Join With Us
    The Fiery Furnaces ~ Back to Begamo
    The Fight ~ tba
    The Format ~ Holy Ghosts
    The Friday Night Boys [ex Aberdien] ~ tba [EP]
    The Funeral Pyre ~ Wounds
    The Futureheads ~ Broke Up the Time
    The Game ~ LAX
    The Gaslight Anthem ~ Build and Burn
    The Get Go ~ tba
    The Gutter Twins ~ Saturnalia
    The Hellacopters ~ Head Off
    The Helio Sequence ~ Keep Your Eyes Ahead
    The Holly Springs Disaster ~ tba?
    The Hold Steady ~ tba
    The Human Abstract ~ tba
    The Jesus and Mary Chain ~ The Power Of Negative Thinking: B-Sides and Rarities (compilation)
    The JV All Stars ~ Take Me Back To Spectre
    The Kennedys ~ Better Dreams
    The Kills ~ Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
    The Killers ~ tba
    The Kooks ~ Konk
    The Like ~ tba
    The Lemonheads ~ tba
    The Living End ~ tba
    The Long Blondes ~ Couples
    The Loved Ones ~ Build and Burn (leaked)
    The Magnetic Fields ~ Distortion (leaked)
    The Mars Volta ~ Bedlam in Goliath (leaked)
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones ~ tba
    The Mission District ~ Youth Games
    The Morning Of~ The World As We Know It
    The Motion Sick ~ The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait...
    The Mountain Goats ~ Heretic Pride
    The Most Serene Republic ~ Population [UK/Already Out]
    The Music ~ tba
    The Music Lovers ~ Masculine, Feminine
    The Music Tapes ~ tba
    The National Bank ~ Come on Over to the Other Side
    The New Frontiers ~ Mending
    The Notwist ~ tba
    The Oaks ~ Songs for Waiting
    The Old Haunts ~ Poisonous Times
    The Offspring ~ tba
    The Out Circuit ~ Pierce The Empire With A Sound (leaked)
    The Paper Chase ~ tba?
    The Pink Spiders ~ tba
    The Photo Atlas ~ tba
    The Police ~ tba
    The Presidents of the United States of America ~ These Are the Good Times People!
    The Raconteurs ~ tba
    The Raveonettes ~ Lust Lust Lust
    The Reign Of Kindo ~ tba
    The Project Hate MCMXCIX ~ tba
    The Puritan ~ The Seas of Satan
    The Radiance Effect ~ tba
    The Radio Dept. ~ tba?
    The Rakes ~ tba
    The Rasmus ~ Black Roses
    The Reasoning ~ Dark Angel
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus ~ tba
    The Roots ~ Rising Dawn
    The Scourger ~ Dark Invitation To Armageddon
    The Secret Society ~ I Am Becoming What I Hate the Most
    The Shondes ~ The Red Sea
    The Shortwave Set ~ Replica Sun Machine
    The Smashing Pumpkins ~ American Gothic [EP]
    The Sound of Animals Fighting ~ tba
    The Static Age ~ tba
    The Streets ~ tba
    The Subways ~ tba
    The Sword ~ tba (leaked)
    The Tangent ~ Not as Good as the Book
    The Teenagers ~ Reality Check
    The Ting Tings ~ tba
    The Trews ~ No Time For Later
    The Tommys ~ tba
    The Unbending Trees ~ Chemically Happy Is The New Sad
    The Used ~ tba EP
    The Verve ~ tba
    The Vines ~ tba
    The Void ~ Vision of the Truth
    The Von Bondies ~ Love, Hate and Then There's You
    The Walkmen ~ tba
    the wayward ~ Overexposure
    The Whitsundays ~ The Whitsundays
    The Widow Jenkins ~ The Widow Jenkins [EP]
    The Working Title ~ Acoustic EP
    The Wrens ~ tba
    The Young Knives ~ Super Abundance
    The Young Republic ~ 12 tales from winter city
    Thedø [Thedo] ~ A Mouthful
    Theory of a Deadman ~ tba
    These Arms Are Snakes ~ tba?
    These Monsters ~ tba
    These New Puritans ~ Beat Pyramid
    They Might Be Giants ~ Here Come The 123s
    These United States ~ A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to The Garden of Eden
    Thieves and Liars ~ tba
    Third Eye Blind ~ The Hideous Strength
    This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb ~ tba
    This Et Al ~ tba?
    This Is Hell ~ Misfortunes
    Tiffany Evans ~ Tiffany Evans
    This Will Destroy You~ This Will Destroy You (leaked unmastered?)
    Thomas Ian Nicholas ~ Without Warning
    Three Mile Pilot ~ tba
    Three 6 Mafia ~ Last 2 Walk
    Thrice ~ The Alchemy Index: Vols. III & IV - Earth & Air
    Through your Silence ~ Whispers to the Void
    Throw the Fight - Pursuit of Tomorrow
    Tiamat ~ Amanethes
    Tiffany Evans ~ Tiffany Evans
    Tift Merritt ~ Another Country
    Tiles ~ Fly Paper (leaked)
    Timbaland ~ Shock Value II
    Time Again ~ Darker Days
    Time-Lapse Consortium [Mike Einziger & Ben Kenney of Incubus and Neil Evans of Soulive] ~ tba
    Time Again ~ Darker Days (leaked)
    Times New Viking ~ Rip It Off
    Tina Dico ~ Count to Ten
    Tom Baxter ~ Comedians & Angels
    Tokyo Police Club ~ Elephant Shell
    To-Mera ~ Delusions (leaked)
    Toumani Diabate ~ The Mandé Variations
    Toxocara ~ The Great Rebellious (leaked)
    Traindodge ~ tba?
    Trapt ~ tba
    Travel by Sea ~ Days of My Escape
    Trick Daddy ~ Welcome to Thug Country
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ Night Castle
    Trash Talk ~ Plagues 7
    Trashlight Vision ~ tba
    Trina ~ Still the Baddest
    Trivium ~ tba
    True Symphonic Rockestra [Featuring James LaBrie of Dream Theater]~ Concerto in True Minor
    Tyler Ramsey ~ A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea (leaked)
    Uncle Kracker ~ Happy Hour
    Unearthly Trance ~ Electrocution
    Underoath ~ tba
    Unjust ~ To Lose A Name (leaked)
    Unwed Sailor ~ Little Wars
    Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start [Up-CDown-CLeft-CRight-CABC+Start] ~ Embers
    Ursula 1000 ~ Undressed
    Useless ID ~ tba
    Usher ~ Rapture
    UVERworld ~ Proglution
    Uriah Heep ~ tba
    Valerie Kimani ~ Baisikeli
    Vampire Weekend ~ Vampire Weekend
    Van der Graaf Generator ~ Trisector
    Van Halen ~ tba
    Van Hunt ~ Popular
    The Vandermark 5 ~ Beat Reader
    Vedera [formerly Veda] ~ tba
    Venus 3 ~ tba
    Voivod ~ tba
    Vindictiv ~ Vindictiv (leaked)
    Virgin Black ~ Requiem – Fortissimo
    Virus ~ The Black Flux
    Virus IV ~ Dark Sun
    Vicious Vicious ~ Parade (leaked)
    Walls of Jericho ~ tba
    Warrel Dane [of Nevermore] ~ Praise to the War Machine
    Watch it Burn ~ Radio Pollution
    We Are Scientists ~ Brain Thrust Mastery
    We Shot The Moon [ex Waking Ashland] ~ Fear and Love
    Wednesday 13 ~ Skeletons
    Weerd Science ~ Sick Kids
    Weezer ~ tba
    When November Falls [Scooter of Cold] ~ The Series Of Emotion
    Whigs ~ Mission Control
    The Whip - X Marks Destination
    White Lion ~ Return of the Pride
    White Rose Movement ~ tba
    Whitesnake ~ Good to Be Bad
    Why? ~ Alopecia
    Witchfinder General ~ Resurrected
    Will Martin ~ tba
    William Orbit ~ Cellcloud
    Willie Nelson ~ Moment of Forever
    Winds of Plague ~ Decimate The Weak
    Wisley ~ Wisley
    Withered ~ Folie Circulaire
    With Blood Comes Cleansing ~ Horror (leaked)
    With Dead Hands Rising ~ Expect Hell
    With Faith Or Flames ~ tba
    Wintersun ~ Time
    Woe of Tyrants ~ tba
    Wolf Parade ~ tba
    Wolfmother ~ tba
    Woods of Ypres ~ Woods III: The Deepest Roots and the Darkest Blues (leaked)
    Woven ~ Designer Codes
    Wraith of the Ropes ~ Demonic Influence
    Wye Oak ~ If Children
    X is Loaded ~ tba
    Xiu Xiu ~ Women as Lovers (leaked)
    Years Around The Sun ~ Inva De Siva
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ tba
    Yellowcard ~ Live From Las Vegas At the Palms [digital live album]
    Yesan Damen ~ Chronos/Kairos (leaked)
    Yesterday's Rising ~ tba
    Yip-Yip ~ Two Kings of the Same Kingdom
    Yndi Halda ~ tba
    Young Dro ~ Young and the Restless
    Youth Group ~ tba
    Your Vegas ~ A Town and Two Cities
    Youthmovies [formerly Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies] ~ Good Nature
    Zack de la Rocha ~ tba
    Zero Hour ~ tba
    Zico chain ~ tba
    Zillionaire ~ The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down
    Zimmer's Hole ~ tba
    Zombie Zombie ~ A Land For Renegates
    ZOX ~ Line in the Sand (leaked)
    Zu ~ Intermediate Spirit Receiver

    Please post reviews / reccomendations if you have heard any of these. It's looking like an interesting year...
    "The first time I heard the new single off the Bravery album, I actually cried, and I do not even remember the name of that damn song. It reminded me of this girl I am in love with." - kroqken

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    holy enormous list batman
    Quote Originally Posted by youguysallsuckfatcock View Post
    now you guys are really pissing me off. especiall you walrus fucker

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    you forgot, Beastie Boys - The Mix Up Pt 2.
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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    The Prodigy should also be out in title yet though.
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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    Prodigy is on there. I should add that the Nada Surf album was already leaked, and Rivers Cuomo's "Alone" album came out in the US before Xmas 2007.
    "The first time I heard the new single off the Bravery album, I actually cried, and I do not even remember the name of that damn song. It reminded me of this girl I am in love with." - kroqken

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    Quote Originally Posted by paulb View Post
    The Prodigy should also be out in title yet though.
    They'll have a difficult time topping their last title.
    Quote Originally Posted by youguysallsuckfatcock View Post
    now you guys are really pissing me off. especiall you walrus fucker

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt. Funkaho View Post
    They'll have a difficult time topping their last title.
    hehe, did you read that they said, they wished they coulda called this new album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned?
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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Stefinitely Maybe View Post
    浜崎あゆみ ~ Guilty
    what the hell?
    Quote Originally Posted by Twattycakes View Post
    If Zimmer isn't on the Coachella Stage I will literally shit on my own face in disgust.

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    The Portishead album is to be called Third, isn't it?
    I miss talking to TomAz.

    We all do. I live in the same city as him (unless he relocated) and rumor has it that at 3:15am if you listen closely and its really really quiet you can hear him telling you to go fuck yourself.

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    Default Re: The official 2008 releases thread

    Prodigy's new album supposedly has a release date of May 2008. They also have a few confirmed festival dates for 08, and it's been said that they're going to play new material.

    that would be awesome... cuz they've been doing pretty much the exact same setlist for the past 2.5 years, which is, honestly, inexcusable, especially after stating numerous times that they're going to play new stuff.

    So far, since AONO, liam has written a few tracks - Warning, Dead Ken Beats, Heatwave, Back 2 School, and Shadow. Only Warning, B2S, and Shadow have studio versions, and they've only played Heatwave live 3 times, all over a year ago. Liam has also said that none of them will appear on the new album.

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