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Thread: BC to Cali

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    Default BC to Cali

    Hey I'll probably be driving down from Victoria, via Vancouver. Gas and ferries should add up to around ~$600-700, so if I get a full car it'll be a little over $100 each round trip.

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    Default Re: BC to Cali

    Check that, I'm going down via Port Angeles.

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    Default vancouver bc to coachella? i need a ride

    hey...anyone have any room?

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    Default Re: BC to Cali

    im going down from victoria too. 5 friends in two cars so there should be room for those who are willing to pay for the ride..

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    Default Re: BC to Cali

    hey e-mail addy is, can you email me i'm $ is not an issue but i'm wondering who's going w u?

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