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Thread: Who would YOU see?

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    Arrow Who would YOU see?

    I came up with several conflicts that may happen. If this were the case, who would you end up seeing?

    1. Jack Johnson VS Fatboy Slim
    2. the Verve VS the National
    3. the Raconteurs VS Battles
    4. Portishead VS Hot Chip
    5. Kraftwerk VS M.I.A.
    6. DCFC VS Animal Collective
    7. Cold War Kids VS Flogging Molly
    8. Roger Waters VS Chromeo
    9. Love and Rockets VS Justice
    10. Spiritualized VS Gogol Bordello
    11. My Morning Jacket VS Metric

    1. Fatboy
    2. Verve
    3. Raconteurs
    4. Portishead
    5. Kraftwerk
    6. DCFC
    7. Cold War Kids
    8. Roger W
    9. Justice
    10. Gogol Bordello
    11. Metric

    When a considerable amount has voted, i'll calculate the totals.
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    Default Re: Who would YOU see?

    1. Fatboy Slim
    2. the Verve
    3. don't know
    4. Portishead
    5. Kraftwerk
    6. Animal Collective
    7. Flogging Molly
    8. Chromeo
    9. Justice
    10. Gogol Bordello


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    Default Re: Who would YOU see?

    please post here so we can keep this all in one place
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