... I think that's what this thread was called.

Anyways, here's a couple from tonight:

1. A near fight broke out in the kitchen. I went in and they were throwing eggs at eachother and screaming. The one guy was saying "I'm 50 and I'll still kick your french ass" to which the other guy responded with "You just wasted three of my eggs you mofo!" It was hard not to laugh as they continued to argue after I had to split them up to cook their meals at seperate ends of the kitchen. The old guy kept going on about how he's a Hell's Angel, how he's a line boss for so and so company pulling in $6,000/mo, how his sons will come beat up the french guy. The french guy was just mourning the loss of his dinner. The next two hours were spent trying to diffuse an ever escalating situation where three regulars were defending the french guy against the 50 year old, who insisted his biker friends were on the way.

2. "Excuse me sir, but you can't smoke crack in here. You're more than welcome to smoke it somewhere else though. Thanks."
... 20 minutes later he returned and attempted again. He didn't remember anything about our previous encounter. He got up, walked around the table, sat down and pulled out his pipe again. From 20 minutes to 20s. Great! I love the residents of the east village.

3. "I just pissed in the middle of the bar, and instead of kicking me out, they gave me one on the house." This guy, great guy, is such a regular at the place that he couldn't get kicked out if he tried. The bar then offered him tickets to a hockey game, in the company box, with all he could eat/drink and he turned them down.

4. I made a crackhead cry because I wouldn't let her use the washroom. She spent a few minutes arguing with me until I relented. Funny, we're a block from Shelter #1, a block and a half from Shelter #2 and two blocks from Shelter #3. We're right in the middle, and she chose to come here over the others, and rather than haul ass to Shelter #1, she cried about it and wasted more time than necessary. Crackheads...

It feels good to rant.