I'm looking for some people who are keen to do a roadtrip after Coachella for a couple of weeks, heading towards New York City.
I'm an Aussie guy, 21, living in Vancouver. This will be my second Coachella. Got a job a couple of hours from New York starting mid May, and I wanna see a bit of the States between the end of the fest and when I start work again. I'd be keen to do the trip in around 10 days or so, but a couple of days either way won't be a big deal.
Oh yeah, here's the catch... I don't drive.. That is, I don't have a car or a license or know how to drive or anything.. Of course I'll totally pay my share of gas and accommodation and whatever else, plus I'd be the best driving companion ever.
Anyways, get back to me somebody - I really don't wanna do this trip by myself on the Greyhound.. It'd be a great chance to see a bit of the country, meet some cool people and get drunk in small towns - fuck yeah..