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Thread: Ride Share from LAX?

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    Default Ride Share from LAX?

    So i am flying out of Dayton, OH to LAX, and will have no way from LAX to Indio. One option i found is Ride Share straight from LAX. is the service

    GoSedan for up to 3 guests! $244.26(one way)

    Private Van service for up to 7 guests $222.00(one way)

    Exclusive Private Van service for up to 9 guests $237.00(one way)

    So it could cost anywhere from $52 to $160, round trip, depending on how many people we can get.

    I will be at LAX quite early, 11pm on Thurs actually, and will leave at 1:38pm on Monday. The van can be scheduled to pick us up whenever, but it is a 2hr 17min according to google, so we should give ample time to get there of course. I am quite flexible in the matter of going to the airport super early, i can sit around for hours.

    Please let me know if anyone if interested.

    I am a 20 year old male college student.

    The more the merrier/cheaper.

    Post, PM, or AIM: FremenFedaykin65
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    Default Re: Ride Share from LAX?

    Hey Killjoy
    I went a couple years ago and wasted a lot of money flying into that Palm Springs airport and would love to save a couple hundred by flying into LAX with Southwest. If the shuttle turns out to be cheap that is. My group and myself are finalizing plans this Thursday and I will keep your offer in mind very closely. It will most likely be myself and two other friends if that helps and we haven't bought plane tickets yet so times are still open and we're totally willing to cooperate.
    Thank you
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    Default Re: Ride Share from LAX?

    My group (4-5 of us from San Francisco) would definitely be into this. It's the first coachella for all of us, we're super excited, but we have no way to get there from the airport, this looks like our best option yet. We haven't gotten a flight yet either, so could definitely work out what time to come in and stuff. I'm trying to get people to get plans final this weekend, and i could book flights + the shuttle as soon as i know how many people are coming for sure.

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    Default Re: Ride Share from LAX?

    Getting a shuttle seems silly when plenty of people (such as myself) in the L.A. area would be happy to drive you and up to 3 others to Indio with me for a LOT less money. I drive a hybrid so I get great mileage. Hence the low cost.

    I'll be there all 3 days-- going sometime Thursday (I don't really care what time of day I leave; the hardest part will be finding a good time for all those involved) and returning at some point on Monday (once again, I'm very flexible when it comes to departure times).

    Anyway, I'm just looking for people who need a ride from L.A. to Coachella. I'm very chill and NOT psycho. I'll be spreading this offer around.


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    Default Re: Ride Share from LAX?

    i think i too will be needing a ride from LAX to coachella thursday night and back sometime monday morning. i am also flying out of columbus, OH. i haven't booked my flight yet. can you lmk what times you are leaving and coming back?

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