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Thread: Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

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    Default Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

    I decided to put my footage together to make a movie out of Coachella roadtrip experience from last year. I am not leaving much out other than cutting up the songs. This basicaly covers the whole festival and what happened on our roadtrip from Texas to the Grand Canyon, then to Coachella and then to Vegas, although I havent finished all of it yet. It will end up being almost 2 hours long, and all the segments are about 10 - 11 minutes long.
    Anyways here is what i have so far.

    Part 1 from Fort worth to the Grand Canyon

    Part 2 Leaving Grand Canyon through Havasu to the campgrounds Thursday

    Part 3 all Comedians of Comedy Footage - Patton Oswald Jasper Redd Howard Kramer Aziz Ansari

    Part 4 Friday Bands - Brother ALi Satellite Party Digitalism Peaches Interpol and stuff

    Part 5 is all Bjork from the intro to the ending

    Part 6 Saturday Bands - Pharoah Monch, Random Coachella stuff, and Hot Chip

    Part 7 Saturday Bands MSTRKRFT and Andrew Bird and Arcade Fire

    Part 8 Arcade Fire Ozomatli Girl Talk

    Part 9 Girl Talk and Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Part 10 Tesla Coils Dj Tiestos set Wallace THe raver Monkey

    For the moment thats where I am at, I will continue finishing the video, but it will take me a little while. i dont know of anything else like this out there, so enjoy.

    Also some other stuff:
    Coachella photo slideshow

    Roadtrip slideshow

    Most of my music videos are on my account also.
    And I wont be able to make Coachella 2008.
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    I go to shows and festivals.
    Over 1000 youtube videos from concerts

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    Default Re: Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

    Nicely done dude. I've been trying to find the time to put my videos and pictures together for a slide show. I'm missing the show this year too. It's sad.

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    Default Re: Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

    JClemy go work on your gamerscore ... nerd
    What happen if someone make a crime?

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    Default Re: Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

    Here is MY video slideshow of our trip!!!! I didnt realize how much video w took.


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    Default Re: Coachella 2007 Video Documentary

    OUR COACHELLA - a colaborative documentary about Coachella 2009

    The idea is quite simple:

    A documentary about Coachella 2009 made with user generated footage. A huge co-direction project.

    Those will attend the festival (and even those unable to go, which may provide some funny footage) will shoot footage of the festival, upload it on this group and on the week after the event it will be edited by the moderator.

    What to shoot? Everything!

    Certainly not just the concert, although they will be a part of it. Show your life on the festival, the camp, the line, talk to other festival goers, people who work at Coachella, artists that might be roaming around the area, make nice shots, get some backstage footage if you can...

    Whatever you find might be interesting about the festival for those who were there and for those who have never been to it.

    Let's do it! Join the group now and we upload your videos right after the festival.

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