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Thread: Hotel - what should i do?

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    Default Hotel - what should i do?

    I'm flying in on saturday to see RATM, Manu Chao, the Roots, the coup and against me on Sunday. I plan to be completely destroyed since its a million hours in the air from new york on budget tickets.

    that being said i'm arrived at ontario's airport around 4pm and need a place to stay for saturday night. I'm debating on whether it makes sense to get a hotel in riverside since i have friends there anyways and driving to the fest on sunday, i was just wondering is having a hotel an hour away a big deal, AND if and when i experience traffic on the 10 expressway and on the way to coachella how much time should i expect to wait before getting there in a rough estimate, should i try for a closer hotel or is that ok?

    also i hear the heat is fucking crazy out there around this time, and thats frightening, not a question, just saying.

    any hotel recommendations people can give me in regards to cheap hotels that aren't shitty to the point of finding stains and propane tanks in the room would be greatly appreciated. thanks. if you can recommend cheap hotels let me know what you think is good.

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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    Why don't you drive to Indio Saturday night, camp onsite, and then head in to the show on Sunday, without having to deal with traffic or parking.
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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    i could do that but i was wondering what the issues were because i'm not sure i fi want to do that, i'm just weighing my options so that if i want to be in a hotel on saturday night i don't wait too long and not get a hotel.

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    The earlier you go in the morning the less traffic there is. If you wait until the afternoon to show up it could take 2-3 hours. There was construction on the main road off of the 10 last year that had everything backed up for days - causing many to miss the acts they wanted to see. Not sure if that'll be the case this year. As for the hotel? Best best check Travelocity, Orbitz and the like. Hotels do sell out quickly...and that's with jacked up prices. Good luck.
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    by afternoon when do you mean, if i roll into the area around 11-12 noon is that wayyy too late or would i be good? when do you usually arrive to these things, basically if its a 12 hour day i want to cut it down enough so i have enough energy and i'm not dead during rage which is my main reason for going (manu chao too)

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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    you should be good.
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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    You should be fine if you stay in Riverside.
    The I-10 EAST after Riverside is never jammed unless there is a big accident. The real traffic jams start when you get near the venue. Last year it took me about an hour to get to the venue from my house when I only live 5 minutes away from it.

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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    WHY didn't you walk???


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    Default Re: Hotel - what should i do?

    i'd love to be closer but this is a hell of a lot cheapier and driving an hour to get somewhere isn't terrible. thanks for the help guys, so cal is one place i've yet to venture to so i'm in the dark on this stuff.

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