Create A Festival - Round #3 - Fringe Beach vs. Lacuna Festival

Okay, here is the seventh match of the third round. You're voting on which festival you like the best. Take into account any type of factor(s) you want. Which bands you like the best. The location. The ticket price. The extras. Pretend if you had one choice of going to a festival, and you were gonna spend your money on one of these, which would it be? Whatever the case, you're voting one of these into the next round!

Voting will last 3 days, and you're only allowed to vote if you have 200 posts or more (votes are public, so I'll know, so don't waste your time if you have less than 200 - unless you've entered a poster yourself). And NO alias voting. If I even suspect you to be an alias, you're votes won't count (sorry bug, abe, granny and more).

Please note, the winner of this round will move onto Round 4, which is the first round that will start including set reminder: WHOEVER WINS THIS CONTEST, REMEMBER YOU SUBMIT SETTIMES FOR THE NEXT ROUND (I'LL EMAIL YOU INFO).

Choice #1

Fringe Beach Festival

Location: Fiji
Ticket Price: $183.25
Reunion Band: Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Onsite Camping
No Noise Curfew
Open Taping

Choice #2

Lacuna Festival

Location: Montauk, New York
Ticket Price: $180.00
Reunion Band: Eric B. and Rakim
Onsite Camping
No Noise Curfew
Open Taping