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Thread: Attention new people-how to avoid getting flamed!

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    Default Attention new people-how to avoid getting flamed!

    2011 update on navigating the boardz and not getting your feelings hurt.

    1) You should know that the Coachella message board members are VERY QUICK about finding and posting information related to Coachella. We already know just about everything that is going on. We know before CoS, we usually know before Monklish, etc. So if you think you’ve learned something new, search before you post it.

    2) If the lineup isn’t out yet, and you see a lineup poster on any other site than, it’s a fake poster.

    3) Nothing is confirmed until the official lineup comes out. Many a dream has been crushed by inflated lineup rumors. Calm down. The real lineup will be out soon enough. Also, if you tell us that someone you know has a dad, mom, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or whatever that works for Goldenvoice and they told you that so-and-so is playing, we probably aren't going to believe you. So don't get butthurt when we tell you so.

    4) We don't know when the lineup will be released, when the poster will be up, why the poster isn't organized the way you like it, or who will be added after the lineup is out. We don't know. I repeat, we don't know. And you don't know either-so don't claim you do. If you feel the need to ask, try utilizing the search function (see below). It's probably already been asked and answered 500 times.

    5) Its imperative that you learn some of the functions of the board; primarily, the search function and reading the FAQs.


    Step 1: the search button is located in the upper right hand side of your screen. Clicking on it will bring up a search window.

    Step 2: the search window allows you to enter a string of text, and then allows you to search for your information by thread or by individual post. As you can see from the example, I am doing a search to see if anyone here knows anything about Kings of Leon. I have entered "Kings of Leon" into the text box, and have selected "show threads". Click on Go.

    WTF? 500+ threads with Kings of Leon in them?

    Step 3: Let's try doing a more comprehensive search. Go back to where you before, and instead of entering a string of text, click on Advanced Search.

    Step 4: This search window is broken into four areas:

    Area 1) Enter a string of text that represents the band you are looking for information on. In this instance, I have entered "Kings of Leon”.

    Area 2) If you are looking for information posted by a particular person, you can enter that person's board name here. I have not entered anything.

    Area 3) This area allows you to further narrow your search. You can find threads that have a certain number of replies, find threads or posts based on age, and determine how you want your results displayed.

    Area 4) This final area allows you to look in certain sections of the board for information.

    Click on Search

    Step 5: Hey now! 22 threads have the words Kings of Leon in the title. And it's still early! It even shows them in date order so you know you're reading the most current information available! Very nice!


    Read the FAQ before posting questions like "Can I bring in alcohol?", "Where should I stay?” etc. They've done a pretty good job of putting together every damn thing you could possibly want to know. Don't clutter up the board your retardation.¶

    To get to the FAQ, click on the link in the bar at the top of the page:

    Here, you can search the FAQ or browse the topics.

    A word about the ignore function

    There are many assholes here. I tend to be one of them. If you decide you don’t want to read the musings of these assholes, you can put them on ignore.

    Click on the person’s name

    Click on “View Public Profile”

    When you are taken to the public profile, click on “User Lists” and then “Add to Ignore List”

    There, you’re done.

    This concludes your tutorial to the Coachella message board. Don't be scared-just don't be stupid.¶
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