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    With all the gossip about a possible Talking Heads reunion show at Coachella, I thought I'd share a story with y'all. This is a true story. Honest. Back in the day when I was a college student at Ohio State, and a member of the Popular Entertainment Programming Board, I was responsible for (helping) book The Talking Heads on the Ohio State campus. This was for a Halloween show, held in Mershon Auditorium, which seats about 2,300 people. Their new album, "Fear Of Music," had just been released and was actually getting airplay in Columbus at the time. We thought The Talking Heads & Halloween were a sure tie-in, and booked them for the 2,300 seat auditorium. Tickets were $6.00, I believe. I'm not making this up. Honest! The O.S.U. P.E.P. paid the band $5,000. plus $2500. for "sound and lights". We had only sold something like 300 tickets the night of the show. We lost our ass. Then, the band shows up with no sound and lights. They simply used the auditorium's floodlights. Well, no problem, except that we were to pay the $2500. for "sound and lights" on top of their $5000. fee. The university refused to pay their s+l fee, especially since a)the band did not provide them and, b)we came nowhere near breaking even, let alone making a profit on the show. David Byrne & Tina Weymouth were very cool and understanding about it, but one of the other guys, I think It was Chris Frantz, totally blew up...all kinds of yelling and screaming. His last parting shot was: "...AND WE'LL NEVER PLAY COLUMBUS, OHIO AGAIN!" and you know what? They never did! True story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman
    Lingo, shut the fuck up. You look like a goddamn cancer patient and your analogy is idiotic. Also, The Black Keys are unlistenable garbage, you unbelievable fucking dork.

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    Default Re: A TALKING HEADS Story

    That's insane. I hope all the students of Ohio State at that time are killing themselves over missing that.

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    Default Re: A TALKING HEADS Story

    ...who wants to be in ohio anyway?

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    Default Re: A TALKING HEADS Story

    Thus began the tension that would break up the band. I hope you are happy.
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    Default Re: A TALKING HEADS Story does this mean Talking Heads are confirmed?
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Reviewers who note the size of the crowd are dumb fucks.
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    Friday: Radiohead
    Saturday: Talking Heads
    Sunday: Led Zepplin

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