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Thread: Picking up from 'willcall'

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    Default Picking up from 'willcall'

    Comming from the uk. Having used someone else's credit card to purchase the tickets.

    DISCLAIMER READS "You will receive your tickets via: International Will Call - For International Orders Only - Tickets held at Will Call can only be retrieved by the cardholder with original credit card of purchase and a valid photo ID with signature such as a government issued ID, driver's license or passport."

    Now i dont know about any one else. But i will not be able to bring said card to america with me & as iam not the cardholder any way i dont see how it would help.

    I just wondered if this is likely to be enforced to the point they wont let me in with just confirmation & such.... or if theres any way of finding out befor i fly all the way to america to be told to fuck off!


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    Default Re: Picking up from 'willcall'

    step 1) call ticketmaster

    step 2) explain situation

    step 3) beg

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Picking up from 'willcall'


    here's a link to help any one in the same position

    basicly once youv read that.

    Go to ticketmaster and email them. If enough people voice the need for an alternate means of recieveing the tickets. Im sure they will oblige.

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    I know that once I actually LOST reserved tickets to a Depeche Mode show, and 48 hours before the event, I called Ticketmaster, explained that I never received my tickets in the mail, and they re-furnished me with tickets at Will-Call. Not the same situation, but TM will work with you.
    the busy bee has no time for sorrow.

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    Has anyone (who would be affected by this) had an official response yet?

    I don't want to purchase tickets and book flights just to find out that I can get my tickets because I booked them on my dads card!

    Seems a tad silly this whole thing anyway!

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    Right the long an the short of it. (OFFICIAL WAY)

    Go to
    go to there f.a.q section find the part about picking up from will call & there is actually a section on " alternate individuals picking up from willcall" Where you will be informed to "ask a question" which is basicly an email. They should email you back within 24 hours requesting the following

    billing address. card holders name. person who will pick ticket's up name. an the last four digits of card used.

    you have to email them back the information within 24 hours.

    (thats as far as iam at)- i presume that's it sorted, or at least i fuckin hope so!

    Its not that hard, just a pain in the ass

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    One thing

    If your last name is not the same as that whose name is on the card used to order. (in other words if you havnt used your parents card)


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    I still think to avoid any PROBLEMS on the day.

    It is advisable (if you can)

    take the card used withyou. (or a photocopy)
    cardholders i.d (or a photocopy)

    ask permision. I do not advise theaft!

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    Im going. I suggest you follow the steps an your sorted!

    You are still required to bring the card or at least a FRONT & BACK photcopy of the card used + your own I.D

    an i'll see you there!

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    Hi, im in the same situation as you, i just bought my tickets with my fathers credit card, i live in mexico, and i sent a mail to TM they answered me this:

    "Thank you for contacting us regarding order number xxxxxxxx. Since the billing address for your credit card is not within the United States, we are unable to mail your tickets. However, we will have your tickets waiting for you at the venue's box office will call window. Tickets at will call are typically available one hour prior to the event time. In order to receive your tickets, you must present the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, picture ID, and the Ticketmaster order number issued to you during the sale."

    Email TM to see about your case

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    Yeh dont be half arsed about it. Go to the faq fill out there stupid "ask a question" form an they will mail you back. 3 emails down the line your sorted!

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    hay caramba..

    hey guys i dont have a credit card... but that thing of ask a question seems really odd..

    do i have to purchase the tickets before i ASK A QUESTION??


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    Default Re: Picking up from 'willcall'

    no ask your question...

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    Fuckin hell, whilst i realise this is a pain in the arse. It's really not hard & if coachella means that much to you a few extra clicks of a mouse is a piece of piss.

    Follow the link read what it says, fill in the (ask a question) respond to a few emails and bobs your bloody uncle.... christ!

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    well i finally bough my tickets. Im in mexico.. this country really sucks when you try to buy or place a transaction with the outer world.. AND we are not fucking VENEZUELan-minded but god this is really shit.. i already asked the question in the HELP SECTION on TM WEBSITE..along with the transaction code for my tix..
    thanks bingo i thought you were the mexican guy i go confused, sorry for the spanish email..

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    sorry if you find me rude. Its just not that hard.

    GOOD luck!

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    hey im coming from scotland to the gig and my friend had the same problem. been in touch with ticketmaster and i think they said that photocopies will suffice. however i cant honestly remember so ill check with him and let you know. but there is a way of sorting it easily so dont worry

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    Quote Originally Posted by bingo_caller View Post
    sorry if you find me rude. Its just not that hard.

    GOOD luck!

    no need to apologize, its that i got really freaked out about that thing with the credit card... i always wanted to avoid getting one... now i regret it.. haha

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