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    stop making music after the libertines go back and throw out a couple of more albums
    hang the fucking d.j.

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    Quote Originally Posted by menikmati View Post
    Make up rumors of who's playing > keep track of who's confirmed > whine about where the lineup is > lineup announced! > bitch about how the lineup sucks > whine about what bands will be added > bands finally added! > whine about where set times are > set times finally announced! > bitch about how set times suck > goto show > come back and say Coachella was best ever! > start rumors for next year

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    im sure pete read this... he has nothing else better to do then look at a message board for a festival he hasn't performed at in 4 or 5 years. sure he got the message.

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    Babyshambles will be at Coachella this year.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    And it's been long established that Chris hates fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hatinisbad View Post
    I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. It was so fun to see it through her eyes. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. The one where all the fairy tale creatures meet for the first time in Shreck's swamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rage patton View Post
    Babyshambles will be at Coachella this year.
    pete probably cant even get a visa to glasgow at this point. I am really confused as to why spain and bennicassim (sp?) let him in the country...

    babyshambles will not be at coachella.

    maybe get the former half of the libs that shows up to gigs.... dirty pretty things.

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    Dirty Pretty Things would be alright, and same with Babyshambles. But The Libertines are better than both by far. A reunion will happen within the next few years, but not now.

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    Libs would be rockin'. DPT would as well. Babyshambles would be ok. I saw DPT in chi town last year and they rocked. I would love to see them again.

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    What she said....unless the US really drop their guard asking for visas, passports and stuff, Pete Docherty will not be at Coachella. End.

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