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Thread: Anyone from PA making the trip?

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    Arrow Anyone from PA making the trip?

    I'm getting myself pumped up for the trip to Coachella but convincing my bum$ of friends to fork up the dough is a whole nother story...

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    Not from PA but next door in Ohio. I usually fly out to Veags stay with friends and drive to Indio which is a 2 & a half hour drive. Tickets to Vegas can be gotten cheaper sometime because of specials they run to Vegas. I prefer not to fly into LAX. It's about the same distance drive anyway from what I've heard.The sooner you book yr flight, car rental, hotel etc. the cheaper its gonna be. If you wait to the last minute yr gonna get taxed. Not necessarily true for tickets to the show though. Shop around the various online travel agencies to get the best deal on a flight. I've never drove out but I've seen liscense plates from New Jersey, Florida, & other far away states. Those kids looked beat down though from their long journey. You need alot of energy & stamina to edure the weekend.

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