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    Default Rivers Cuomo

    How about him doing a solo accoustic deal?

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    I hope not.

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    is rivers is there this year. i would rather it be fool band. at least people would no what hes playing.
    Quote Originally Posted by menikmati View Post
    Make up rumors of who's playing > keep track of who's confirmed > whine about where the lineup is > lineup announced! > bitch about how the lineup sucks > whine about what bands will be added > bands finally added! > whine about where set times are > set times finally announced! > bitch about how set times suck > goto show > come back and say Coachella was best ever! > start rumors for next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by invisiblerobots View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    And it's been long established that Chris hates fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hatinisbad View Post
    I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. It was so fun to see it through her eyes. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. The one where all the fairy tale creatures meet for the first time in Shreck's swamp.

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