I am black female by the name of Sedina and is 19 years old. I work at Chevy's. I go to Skyline Community College in the SCO majoring in Arabic and I need a ride to Coachella. I'm up for anything and anyone, it really doesn't matter. I love expiramenting. I am very afro-centric. I LOVE greenery, I can roll and I own a fat pipe. I do not discriminate because as you could probably tell I am of Ghanian descent so that makes me a very strong and beautiful person. So let's cut to the chase, who's down to ride the freedom train to Indio? Hit this bitch up!

P.S. I live anywhere in the bay so let me know where you are coming from and I will get my ass over there. Just reply because I will literally be standing here and waiting at my computer for any responses.