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Thread: Camping??

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    Default Camping??

    K, have couple questions before I purchase my 3 day pass and camping on friday(payday), If i dont care bout some bands during the day and want to go back to my tent to take a nap and then come back bit later, i cant? Also the big thing for me is BEER, this was the one thing that kept us goin at Woodstock and one of the rules says no alcohol, i dont want to pay for this on the campsite and then inside as well. So I am wondering how much patrol is there and if they see me drinkin a beer will they tell me to leave, if its concealed do they check that as well?
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    no ins/outs
    no alcohol allowed to be brought into onsite camping

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    So you are saying that once you go into the concert cant leave and if you do you cant come back in ? Even if you have the 3 day pass ?

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