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    Default Pandora Radio

    I have not heard it discussed on this board yet, so I thought I'd give the 411 for whoever is uninformed.
    MY buddy suggested i try out this site called Pandora radio. It's a free website you sign up for and you make your own profile and shit like that, and you can type in an artist, and it will create a "playlist station" featuring that artist and artists similar to them, and they have a huge database and wealth of information, mainstream and underground. theres some its run with the help of advertisements but it is a really neat website and definitely worth checking out.
    I think you'll be pleasently surprised. I know i was

    EDIT: This is not spam. I felt like I was writing spam, but I just wanted to share the information.
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    i poke around on this every so often and i think its a can get some great off-the-wall songs sometimes
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    Default Re: Pandora Radio

    gawd brandon, that's so like 2 years ago...ugh

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    Default Re: Pandora Radio


    pandora fucking rules tho. rly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ardentbiscuit View Post
    This is the equivalent of musical water boarding.

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    Default Re: Pandora Radio

    Pandora radio is really incredible but in my opinion Spotify is the best! for example, take a look at this article - Spotify vs Pandora
    About the main features:
    Search option. There is no such option in Pandora Radio app, which means that you can’t find a particular song of a particular artist. In Spotify, you can find an artist and listen to his album. In a free version you can listen only shuffle play, yet in premium this option is available.
    Replay a song. And again, in Pandora, you have to rely on the system because you simply can’t replay and listen again your favorite song. Spotify offers the feature in premium account.
    Number of songs. The Spotify has more than 16 millions songs, while Pandora the app only one million. The numbers are growing, yet the the difference is obvious.
    Offline mode. Only Spotify can boast with this feature, not Pandora.

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    Default Re: Pandora Radio

    Hi guys
    I would recommend you take a look at the article How To Make a Music App Like Pandora -
    What can be better than a fantastic music? Only your favorite fantastic music that was carefully chosen specially for you and which you can get access to 24/7. This is not a dream, this is actually a reality that has been existed for more than 15 years. Yes, it’s all about music Pandora app, the app that revolutionized the idea of a personalized approach towards users. The aim of this article is to shed light on all peculiarities of this incredible mobile application, understand how it works and calculate how much it costs to create an app like Pandora.

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