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    Taken from

    12/04/07 NEW ALBUM!:
    After long last, we've got some exciting news about Adam's new record!!!!! "Sixes & Sevens", Adam's 5th solo record will be released by Rough Trade Records in Europe on March 7th, 2008. A few days later, on March 10th, it will be released in the UK, followed closely by a US release of March 18th! The first single will be coming soon, as will some news regarding the upcoming touring schedule. We plan to do a UK tour, a European tour, and a US tour all before JUNE!!! Also, keep your eyes peeled for Adam at your favorite summer festivals! This year, Adam will be on the road a lot, so keep checking here for updates on when he'll be in YOUR city! Whoo hoo!!

    Fucking please let Adam Green play Coachella.

    anyone else agree?

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    I'm sure someone does.

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    That would be rad.

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    Hell yeah it'd be rad.
    Glad I'm not the only one.

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