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Thread: WEEN for 2008

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    Default WEEN for 2008

    this needs to happen! their new album is stellar, although I don't think they'd be too happy playing a small 45 minute set =/
    But would love to see them again on this tour for their new album.
    Superfan will be in front of the Fonda masturbating furiously to a photo of him taking a photo of a band. Set is from 8:05 to approximately 8:05:15. Guest list only.

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    Default Re: WEEN for 2008

    I'm up here in Ventura and I missed the evening with Ween. I am still kicking myself over not checking what day it was on the calendar.

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    Default Re: WEEN for 2008


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    Default Re: WEEN for 2008

    I'd like to see them at coachella as well.

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    Default Re: WEEN for 2008

    i saw them last night on In Demand from Comcast! a 30 minute concert from chicago.

    i would love for them to play in 08 also...

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