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Thread: Rage Sold OUT already??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaSigChi4 View Post

    What? You know...most of your posts don't make any sense.

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    Default Re: Rage Sold OUT already??

    It's fairly well documented that Bjork fans have been some of the most rowdy at past Coachellas.
    Hunting has been part of our society since the first Europeans came over and shot buffalo and Native Americans and whatnot.

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    i certainly wouldn't be coming over and spening all that coin if rage erent playing

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    While RATM was the primary reason that I bought the 3 day pass, I am excited just the same to see all the amazing acts lined up for this year. Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, Circa Survive, The Roots, The Black Keys, Peeping Tom...ect.
    Just an all around amazing line up this year. Cant wait!

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    Red face Re: Rage Sold OUT already??

    yeah i drove my ass from work ..during my lunch break at 1020 i was buying 2 single day tickets for saturday and sunday..sunday was already sold out so my friend and i bought the 3 day pass
    im going for RATM and VnV nation

    and i know theirs other bands but the fact that ive been a rage fan since i was 9...makes me just think of them when i think coachella

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