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Thread: Ticketmaster SCAAAREWED me!

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    Default Ticketmaster SCAAAREWED me!

    spent an hour on the phone sorting out my tickets....lady said as long as we were staying in the same tent we only needed one ticket for the 2 of us. Now I think she's full of Shiit. I'm wondering if I should hurry and buy another ticket or just wait, I'm not really sure if I'm going to camp any way.

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    Default Re: Ticketmaster SCAAAREWED me!

    1 ticket per person camping. They're tools.

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    Default Re: Ticketmaster SCAAAREWED me!

    yeah 1 person = i camping ticket; when you get to the site, you trade in your ticket for a wristband. each person must have his/her own ticket to get his/her own wristband.
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    Ticketmaster screwed me too!

    bought 4 tickets and they added on another 120$ in Convenience charges and shit like that...i know they have to make money but still......

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