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Thread: should coachella start selling gold circle pit tickets?

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    Default Re: should coachella start selling gold circle pit tickets?

    Regarding the 'hang at the front all day' thing...

    I'm a trance addict, so I didn't have any problem hanging around thru several acts last year to get on the rail for Faithless.

    When I got there, I watched some guy I have now forgotten, and then came Benni Bennasi, eh, ok...then, Felix da Housecat...fantastic...and after he was done, a lot of people left, and I was able to move forward to the rail. Paul Oakenfold was next, good tunes, bad attitude in my opinion, but overall, a spirited set.

    And that was my wait for Faithless. I didn't hang around all day thru bands I didn't like, maybe some I'd never seen before, but I liked them all. And I am willing to guess that most people who wait thru a bunch of bands to get to the headliner will feel the same, or at least get to hear and maybe end up liking a band they've never heard before.

    After all that waiting, it would definitely suck if a bunch of elite types got to scurry their way in to some roped off area. Would suck big time.

    Waiting is not a crime. VIP would be a crime.

    No to VIP.

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    Default Re: should coachella start selling gold circle pit tickets?

    The reason I have a problem with people hanging out in the front all day through bands they dislike or don't know about isn't because of people like you, andromedarkly. It's because of people like the Rage Against the Machine fans from last year who thought it was ok to chant "RAGE RAGE RAGE" through the Crowded House set, and even thought it was amusing to throw things, in the process hitting Neil Finn in the face with a soda bottle while he was in the middle of a song.

    There were people there who were Crowded House fans -- people who would have loved to be up front experiencing that set up close and personal. But their experience was less enjoyable because of the large quantities of Rage fans at the front, many of whom were rowdy and making noise and otherwise destroying the listening experience. That sort of behavior is not ok.

    If there were some sort of gold circle pit tickets available, which could help to make sure that the sort of thing I just described did not happen, I would seriously consider it as a viable option.
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    Default Re: should coachella start selling gold circle pit tickets?

    I bought VIP tickets two years ago. I won't do it again. The only advantage is the hard liquor bar in the VIP area. It doesn't get you closer, but you do get to hang with the rich kids
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    Default Re: should coachella start selling gold circle pit tickets?

    no. assigned areas are fine for ordinary concerts, but seem contrary to the vibe of a music festival.

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