Le' BROKENDOLL indique L'adieu? Oh, but no, say it isn't so! Yes, Boardmembers, reality set in yesterday as I prepared for my return to work again after having the past 6 months off... I had to fight the urge to "sit for just a minute to read posts," or, "Just take a peek at one thread..." I found myself rushing to get ready so that maybe I could sign on "One more time" before leaving. I am aware that several, if not many of you will find relief with this bit of news, seeing as you welcomed me with open arms over the past several months... And maybe there are others who will find there's a void now missing from the boards of Coachella... Who will J~$$$ tell to shut the fuck up now to? Or, whenever a post refering to DAFT PUNK comes up, who will take the honors of bringin' on those annoying Pink Elephants? God Dammit, this is bad! If I thought the idea of missing DAFT PUNK at Vegoose was traumatizing, the thought of missing all the fun and bullshitting I've witnessed here on the board for 6 months, or the educational threads treating me to anything from recreational drug and medication use, to downloading torrents, getting shitfaced with Caco, or, experiencing life in general with RotationSlimWang...well... I'm almsot too choked up to complete my sentence properly. There are many of you, "Doggone it," that'd love to meet at Coachella 2008, if only in passing, or bumpin' up against in the Sahara. Canexplain, you're an icon here, you ol' fart, and I'd love to meet you and the missus. (I said that because it takes an ol' fart to know an ol' fart! Ha,ha,ha!) Suprefan, I pretty much expect to see you front row n' center at the main stage...Pot, I'm nopt so certain I want to meet you face to face for fear of being announced a retard to the surrounding 50-60,00 peeps at Coachella, but heck, if it happens, so be it! Crazzz2007...In as much as I wanted to write this farewell in hot fuckng pink surrounded by those damned pink elephants, you were the first person I pissed off upon joining...But, I'll be damned if you're the last as I go! LOL...For the most part, everyone has been a kick in the ass and kept my otherwise borng summer interesting. If my job could bring as much enthusiasm as signing on here each day, 10 times a day, my ass would be fucking rich!!! Now, before Tomaz puts me on ignore AGAIN, I'll just say thanks and will attempt to pop in if I can...Oh, and one more thing~ Dani, I don't think I'd trade my job for yours in this lifetime...You've done an awesome job of tolerating me and I give you an even bigger "high-five" for not tolerating that "douchebag," Delta!Ha,ha,ha! Until Coachella... Au voir! Re'gle de Robots!!!