2005 was Amazing , rediculously good linup. In 2006 by taking away the stadium, weakening the lineup and then having the balls to raise tix prices??, 2007 lineup literally made me laugh. I already knew that everything was expensive and if you're out of town, no camping.
The Stadium , filled to near capacity for Dave Matthews or Trey (it was overflowing) cannot be duplicated in any way on a small outdoor stage with 40k peeps trying to get a view of The Black Crowes, let alone Widespread Panic. I cannot believe they have the nerve to even put on the weekend without the Stadium and the 2007 lineup showed it.
Taking Sam Boyd away is the greatest injustice and should be DEMANDED by anyone who cares enough to feel the vibe that's supposed to be at Vegoose. Trust me , 2005 had it..06 nah.